Outdoor Run


  •  9:55 am,    BG: 92, 2g carb, 46g protein
  • 10:26 am,   BG: 82, Start running
  • 10:35 am,   BG: 81, Finish running, 3g carb
  • 11:05 am,   BG: 84, 30 Minutes Post Workout*

On today’s training plan was a 1 mile shakeout run. Super short, easy and relaxed just to get the blood flowing a little before race day. It was a beautiful sunny 19 degree day and I took our dog, Miles, with me since he needed a workout as much as I did. If anyone in this world loves to run more than I do, it’s this dog! 

I got a bit of a later start today since I slept in and it was sensor change day. I decided not to eat or workout until the 2+ hour charge/warm up period was complete.** I did have some black coffee while I was without sensor information (shout out to #OceanCityCoffeeCompany). Once I was back online, I had some chicken sausage for breakfast (fat + protein) to keep me stable. Normally I would have this after my run so it wouldn’t upset my stomach on the run but I had it before for BG control and since the run was so short, my stomach was fine. 

After the run, my  BGs were drifting down since I barely had any carbs, the fat slowed down their absorption and the protein hadn’t hit yet. I took a small swig of some tart cherry juice to make sure my BGs wouldn’t go low before my breakfast hit. I didn’t set a temp target/reduced basal today since the run was so short. 

*I know that 84 is the lower end of normal and might seem scary for some but in my opinion, it is a perfect number for me. You should work with your doctor to determine your own ideal target range. #LetMeBe83

**Since my sensor readings tend to be a little wonky for me for the first few hours after a change, all of my readings today were from finger sticks. Happily, the sensor was never more than 10 points off what the meter read today. 

*The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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