Indoor cycle


  • 4:45 am, BG: 124
  • 5:00 am, BG: 121, Set temp target (reduced basal)
  • 5:14 am, BG: 119, Start workout
  • 5:30 am, BG: 122, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 6:04 am, BG: 145, Finish workout, correction bolus
  • 6:30 am, BG: 135, 30 Minutes Post Workout 

On today’s training plan I had a rest day but decided to hit the gym for some easy-ish cycling intervals to get the blood flowing and work on my turnover speed. The 50 minute workout (below) was pretty simple, intervals where the “On” meant 90+ rpm and the “Off” was recovery of 60+ rpm.

  • 10 minutes rotating 30 sec On, 30 sec Off
  • 10 minutes rotating 60 sec On, 60 sec Off
  • 10 minutes rotating 90 sec On, 90 sec Off
  • 10 minutes rotating 60 sec On, 60 sec Off
  • 10 minutes rotating 30 sec On, 30 sec Off

BGs were a little high but steady. I set a temp target a little before my workout when I saw my BG starting to trend down before my workout, knowing I would be doing light cardio which typically drops my BG. Mid-workout, I noticed my BGs were pretty steady but climbing slightly* so I ended the temp target mid workout. By the end of the workout, my BG climbed enough that I knew I needed a correction or the dawn phenomenon would likely kick me out of range later.

*This could be from the intervals, the dawn phenomenon or the temp target (all of which can raise BGs) even though my heart rate was in easy cardio range (which normally lowers BGs) for most of the workout.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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