Strength-Lower Body

  • 4:30 am, BG: 137, 0.2 U correction bolus
  • 5:00 am, BG: 128, Start workout
    • 5 minute assault treadmill warm up
    • Single leg deadlift 3 x 8
    • Jump squats 3 x 10
    • Adductor machine 3 x 10
    • Abductor machine 3 x 10
    • Back squat 3 x 8
    • Barbell deadlift 3 x 8
    • Calf raises 3 x 8
  • 6:00 am, BG: 117, End workout
  • 6:15 am, BG: 123, 0.2 U correction bolus
  • 6:30 am, BG: 141, 30 Minutes Post Workout,

This morning my BGs were a bit high when I got up since I had a lower body strength day on my training plan. I did a small correction since I knew I wasn’t going to be doing a lot of cardio. I also kept my basal at the normal rate and didn’t eat anything since I knew the dawn phenomenon would likely be raising my BGs and as you can see it didn’t let me down today.

The workout itself felt pretty good. Legs are feeling surprisingly fresh although still recovering and definitely not hitting any PRs today.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

Published by Jenny Nat


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