3/1/2020-HIIT & Run

OTF Endurance

+ Outdoor Running

  • 5:30 am, BG: 110, Set temp target (reduced basal)
  • 6:00 am, BG: 126, Start OTF
  • 6:50 am, BG: 110, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 7:00 am, BG: 130, End OTF
  • 7:15 am, BG: 142, 0.1 U correction, 9g protein
  • 7:30 am, BG: 170, 0.1 U correction
  • 7:41 am, BG: 176, Start running
  • 7:50 am, BG: 160, Set temp target (reduced basal)
  • 8:08 am, BG: 129, Mile 3, 23g carbs
  • 8:45 am, BG: 148, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 8:52 am, BG: 147, Finish running
  • 9:10 am, BG: 170, 1.7 U correction + pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 9:18 am, BG: 167, Walk dog
  • 10:00 am, BG: 105, 30 Minutes Post Workout/Dog Walk

On today’s training plan was an 8 mile run but what I really wanted to do was go to Orange Theory. Last night, I was debating because I really needed to run outside to get ready for the next race but my favorite coach*, Keith, was teaching this morning and it was endurance day (my favorite!). Despite my better judgement, I decided to do both. It is Sunday Funday after all!

At OTF**, I started with the treadmill block which had longer push*** efforts today that each ended in a 30 second all outs. On the last all out, Keith played a song by my favorite band and I felt like I was flying on the treadmill! Simply amazing! On the floor/rowing block, there was a fair amount of upper body focus today and my arms were screaming by the end. I’m sure I’ll be feeling that tomorrow!

OTF workout breakdown:

  • 5 min tread warm up (base pace)
  • Tread block (2 min push, 30 sec base, 2 min push, 30 sec base, 1 min push, 30 sec all out)
  • 2 min walking recovery
  • Tread block (2 min push, 45 sec base, 2 min push, 45 sec base, 30 sec push, 30 sec all out)
  • 2 min walking recovery
  • Tread block (2 min push, 1 min base, 2 min push, 1 min base, 30 sec push, 30 sec all out)
  • Walking recovery & transition to floor
  • 10 x burpees, 10 x alt bicep curl (each), 10 x TRX tricep extension
  • 20 x speed skaters, 10 x alt bicep curl (each), 10 x TRX tricep extension
  • 40 x running man, 10 x alt bicep curl (each), 10 x TRX tricep extension
  • 800 meter row
  • AMRAP until time of (10 x burpees, 20 x speed skaters, 40 x running man)
  • 7 min AMRAP (10 x TRX bicep curl, 10 x overhead tricep extension, 20 x static crunch heel taps)
  • Stretch

After OTF, I came home and changed into some dry, cold weather running clothes since temperatures outside were still below freezing. I had a cup of coffee with some protein mixed in and started to chat with Marty. I noticed my BGs starting to rise quicker than I anticipated so I cut our coffee date short and hurried out the door for my run. In the rush, I grabbed the first carbs I could find which happened to be two packets of GU. This is way more than I should ever need for 8 miles but it is always good to carry extra fuel, just in case.

The run itself was beautiful and sunny. Mostly flat and through the woods with a slight tailwind for the first half. I felt great today so I took it at a moderate pace and just relaxed. It gave me some time to think and I checked on my BGs about every mile. I had my Gu around mile 3. I probably shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing but I really didn’t feel like shoving an open packet back in my pocket (that is a recipe for a sticky mess) and I refuse to leave trash out on the trail. At mile 7, I saw my BGs starting to rise slowly so I ended my temp target to prevent a post workout spike.

When I got home, BGs were still climbing a bit and I was starting to get hungry so I gave myself a correction and took the pup for a short walk. He needed it as much as I did! Overall, it was a bit of a roller coaster with my BG readings this morning but I stayed 100% in range so no complaints here!

* Keith really knows his stuff, comes to class with a super high, encouraging energy and meets each individual where they are at. It’s a great vibe and he plays the best music!

** Orange Theory classes are all HIIT style but are divided into four sub categories (Endurance, Strength, Power and ESP) so the focus changes each day and depending on the class, could either raise or lower my BG.

***OTF training is based on your heart rate zones and each zone is color coded. Base = Green, Push = Orange, All Out = Orange/Red (give it everything you have)

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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