Indoor Track Run

Easy/Moderate Effort

  • 4:30 am,  BG: 100, Set temp target (reduced basal)
  • 5:07 am,   BG: 118, Start running
  • 5:26 am,   BG: 130, Mile 2, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 5:45 am,   BG: 141, Finish running, 0.3 U correction
  • 5:55 am, BG: 152, Finish walking
  • 6:05 am, BG: 168, 1.6 U correction + pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 6:30 am,   BG: 134, 30 Minutes Post Workout*

On today’s training plan was a 4 mile flat run. I went to the indoor track because it was supposed to rain and I generally try to avoid running outside when it is dark and raining. When I woke up this morning, I really wanted to roll over and go back to bed. I went anyway and listened to an audio book* to get me through the run this morning.

BGs started perfect this morning so I reduced my basal before the workout to avoid going low. When I was halfway through my run and saw my BGs were steadily increasing, I started my normal basal to avoid going too high. After the run, my BGs were higher than I like so I did a correction and walked on the assault treadmill for a few minutes before I had to leave. Running at a moderate pace will typically lower my BGs but walking always seems to drop me lower faster. After reviewing my heart rate for my run, I was probably pushing it a bit harder than I should have at the end** and that could have also played into why my BGs climbed, in addition to the dawn phenomenon. When I left the gym and saw my BG continuing to climb, so I did an aggressive (for me) correction and pre-bolused for breakfast.

When I left the gym this morning, the sun was just coming up and it was beautiful! Talk about “earning your sunrise”! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

*I’m really enjoying “The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings on Authenticity, Connection, & Courage” by Brené Brown. I was on the chapter about gratitude this morning, and it reminded me to be grateful that I have the ability to get up and do something for my body/health every day, even on mornings like today when I’m dreading my workout.

**I try to keep my HR under 150 for an “easy” run. When I push much above this, sometimes it is enough effort to cause BGs to rise.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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