Orange Theory Fitness

ESP (Endurance/Strength/Power)

  • 5:15 pm, BG: 110
  • 5:45 pm, BG: 111, Start workout
    • 15 stroke row
    • AMRAP (6 x bicep curl, 6 x front squat, 6 x neutral full thruster, 8/10/12/14 x alternate pop squat w/ twist)
    • AMRAP (6 x deadlift, 6 x hip hinge low row, 6 x weighted burpees, 8/10/12 x double tap knee crunch)
    • 15 stroke row
    • AMRAP (12 x leg raise, 12 x straight leg reverse crunch, 6 x toe touch crunch, 8/10/12 x pop jack)
    • Tread run (2 min run for distance / 1 min base / 2 min push / 30 sec base / 1 min all out)
    • 2 min walk/recovery
    • Tread run (2 min base @ 7% incline / 1 min base @ 1% incline / 2 min base @ 5% incline / 30 sec base / 1 min all out)
    • 2 min walk/recovery
    • Tread run (2 min run for distance / 45 sec walk / 1 min all out / 45 sec walk / 1 min all out / 30 sec walk / 30 sec all out)
    • Stretch
  • 6:45 pm, BG: 117, End workout
  • 7:00 pm, BG: 119, 0.3 U correction
  • 7:15 am, BG: 128, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today I had a HIIT workout* on my training plan. I didn’t get into the 5:00 am class at OTF so I went to the 5:45 pm class after work. It was a good class today. The floor/rower portion didn’t get my heart rate up as much as I would have liked but the tread blocks made up for most of that.

Since I knew I was going to the evening class, I made sure I was done eating my lunch by 12:30 pm today so that all of the food and active insulin would be out of my system for the workout. My BGs stayed steady throughout and only started to raise a little bit after the class was over. HIIT training will do that to me sometimes so I did a small correction about 15 minutes after class in order to stay in range.**

* Orange Theory classes are all HIIT style but are divided into four sub categories (Endurance, Strength, Power and ESP) so the focus changes each day and depending on the class, could either raise or lower my BG.

** If I can avoid it, I also try not to have too much food or active insulin in my system before bed. In this case, a small correction is better than high BG alarms from my pump while I’m trying to sleep.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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