3/6/2020-3/8/2020-Run Challenge

4 x 4 x 48

Challenge Completed

This weekend we ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. Yes, 48 miles total!

This is why. Run report below 🙂

Leg #1 (miles 1-4)

3/6/2020 6:00 pm

  • 5:45 pm,  BG: 79, Set temp target (reduced basal), 10g carbs
  • 6:21 pm,   BG: 70, Start running, 6g carbs
  • 7:02 pm,   BG: 62, Finish running, 10g carbs
  • 7:31 pm, BG: 100, End temp target (reduced basal), 30 Minutes Post Workout

The first leg we started in the dark and the rain. My BG was hanging in the 80-100 range all day today (which I loved) but it was a little low to start a run. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though so I reduced my basal and had some carbs. When I was still dropping slightly when I was ready to run, I had some more carbs to prevent a low but it wasn’t quite enough and I did end up a little low by the end of the run. I had my gummies on hand which I had around mile 3 of 4, which is also when the run finally started to feel good. BGs finally bounced back up to 100 about 30 minutes after the run but began to drop again after. I decided some tuna and asparagus would be a good post-run/pre-run meal. Some carbs to boost me back for the next run and protein and fat to help stabilize and prevent dramatic swings. This is uncharted territory for me so we’ll see how my BGs react and how I feel running and the base my next few meals off of that.

Leg #2 (miles 5-8)

3/6/2020 10:00 pm

  • 9:15 pm,  BG: 156, Set temp target (reduced basal), 1.5 U active insulin from dinner
  • 9:55 pm,   BG: 179, Start running, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 10:37 pm,   BG: 105, Finish running
  • 11:00 pm, BG: 125, 30 Minutes Post Workout

The second leg was another dark and rainy run, temperatures just above freezing. We started 5 minutes early because my BG was so high after dinner. I felt like I warmed up faster but I could tell my legs are already starting to feel heavy. BGs dropped to a nice place and seem to still be rising so time for a correction, a shower and short nap!

Leg #3 (miles 9-12)

3/7/2020 2:00 am

  • 1:30 am,  BG: 154, Still asleep
  • 2:03 am,   BG: 134, Start running
  • 2:46 am,   BG: 83, Finish running, 4g carbs @ mile 3
  • 3:15 am, BG: 111, 30 Minutes Post Workout

The third was another dark and cold one. It was still raining but just barely so I’m hoping it will stop by the next one. You can see my BGs dropped but not very quickly/drastically. At the start of this leg, I was about 7 hours out from my protein heavy dinner and you can still see the effect of that on my BGs. My legs are still feeling okay, although the pace keeps slowing down slightly each round. This time it was my stomach that felt a little off. Hoping some more sleep and water will help with that. Hydration is going to be key, not only for the running but also to make sure my cells continue to be able to properly use the insulin I’m injecting.

Leg #4 (miles 13-16)

3/7/2020 6:00 am

  • 5:48 am,  BG: 173, Wake up
  • 6:01 am,   BG: 156, Start running, 2g carbs
  • 6:41 am,   BG: 113, Finish running, 0.3 U correction
  • 7:09 pm, BG: 123, 30 Minutes Post Workout

When I woke up my sensor was reading 136 but my blood test showed 173. Based on how I felt, I knew the 173 was accurate. I left my sensor in automode while I was sleeping and it isn’t uncommon for me to wake up with a 40+ point discrepancy between my sensor and meter readings. I re-calibrated the sensor, had two almond crisps (1g carb each) and headed out the door with Marty.

On the fourth leg it finally stopped raining! I wore a different pair of shoes (Asics) to let the wet ones (Nike) dry so I can use them again later in the challenge. I could hear Lieutenant Dan telling me to “keep your feet dry.” Words of wisdom for sure! This leg started out dark but the sun came up by the end of the run (#EarnYourSunrise). This leg had a headwind on the second half and finished up hill so I was really feeling my quads by the end. At the beginning of the run, I thought I would want to catch another nap afterward but Marty and I are actually both feeling pretty good so we decided to have our daily coffee date instead.

By the end of the run, my sensor was reading 118 and my meter read 113, much closer than before the run! I did do a small correction shortly after the run when my BGs started to climb again. I’m finding that small corrections post run are helping me stay in range without dropping me low on the runs itself. My insulin (humalog) will lower BGs for about 30 mins-4 hours after an injection, peaking around 2 hours. So if I inject right after a run, the active insulin will just be wearing off as I start the next run. Now, off to strategize breakfast! Happy Saturday Everyone!

Leg #5 (miles 17-20)

3/7/2020 10:00 am

  • 9:30 am,  BG: 105, 3g carbs
  • 9:49 am,   BG: 136, Start running
  • 10:09 am, BG: 148, 0.6 U correction + pre-bolus for lunch
  • 10:28 am,   BG: 86, Finish running, 5g carbs
  • 10:45 am, BG: 59, 21g carb + 9g protein
  • 11:00 am, BG: 113, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Lap 5 was perfect running weather! Temperatures in the 40s, clear and sunny! I finally talked Marty into picking a flat place to run. Some “nonsense” about pacing ourselves and avoiding injury before our upcoming races did the trick. This run felt great and Marty and I had a blast goofing around while we were running. The hardest part was keeping an easy pace, which is quite challenging when you’re feeling good but necessary since we’re not even half way through yet. You can tell from my Garmin stats below that we were having fun, faster pace and a little over 4 miles. I mistimed my insulin/food on his leg a bit and went a little low at the end. I used my tart cherry juice pre-run and immediately upon finishing the run. High GI carbs for a quick boost and then two fig newtons with my protein coffee post run. I’m going to watch my BGs for a bit and then pick my meal based on what it does. The fig newtons really hit the spot but it’s a lot of carbs/insulin to manage with the repetitive exercise and I want to avoid huge spikes and drops as much as possible.

I’ve also been experimenting with wearing an Oura ring recently and love the extra data it provides. I was a little nervous to look at the data this morning though since I’m fully aware this is kind of a crazy challenge to take on. As expected, it is telling me I’m overdoing it and not sleeping enough. Most of the time I would take this cue and take it easy but this weekend is all about pushing through discomfort so we’ll continue on with the challenge!

Leg #6

3/7/2020 2:00 pm (miles 21-24)

  • 1:45 pm,  BG: 156, Set temp target for 30 mins, 0.5 U active insulin from lunch
  • 1:56 pm,   BG: 161, Start running
  • 2:10 pm, BG: 135, 2g carbs
  • 2:19 pm, BG: 106, 2g carbs
  • 2:34 pm,   BG: 81, Finish running
  • 3:04 pm, BG: 100, 30 Minutes Post Workout
Halfway done!!

After the dramatic BG swings on the last leg, I decided I needed some fat and protein in my life to slow things down and stabilize things. I had some almond crisps with peanut butter and they were sooo good! I definitely guessed on the carbs though and I was afraid I might pay for that on this leg. I actually did okay though. Now that I have some fat and protein in my system slowing things down a bit, I’m “bumping & nudging” which is a Juicebox podcast term meaning making small adjustments to stay in range.

The 6th leg was much like the 5th, sunny and perfect running weather. Still had some strong winds but stuck with the flat course so no complaints here. We actually ran the same trail, just in the opposite direction. So far, we haven’t repeated a loop yet but we’ll see if we can keep that up through the night or not. My legs felt surprisingly fresh. That’s one of the things I love about endurance running, if you don’t like how you’re feeling, you can just keep running and there is a good chance it will change. 🙂

Leg #7 (miles 25-28)

3/7/2020 6:00 pm

  • 5:18 pm,  BG: 94, Set temp target (reduced basal) for 60 minutes
  • 5:30 pm, BG: 111, 10g carbs
  • 5:52 pm,   BG: 139, Start running,
  • 6:33 pm,   BG: 162, Finish running, 1.2 U correction + pre-bolus for dinner
  • 7:30 pm, BG: 156, 30 Minutes Post Workout

I took a nap right before this leg and woke up feeling a bit groggy. My blood sugar was prefect but I knew I would need to reduce my basal and eat something to sustain it on the run. I opted for some tart cherry juice and guessed on the carbs. It worked pretty well although I overdid it a little bit and had to correct. The run itself felt okay, definitely not feeling as fresh as the last two. I’m getting a tiny bit nervous about running sleep deprived through the night so the focus for the next few legs will be getting naps between them and staying hydrated.

We did have a really nice dinner after our run though. I made zoodle bowls with beets and shrimp that really hit the spot and Marty built us a fire. I’m a bit surprised but I’m still really enjoying this challenge so far! The thing that has probably been harder than the running itself has been the planning for each leg. Besides managing BGs and food/fuel, we’ve done some extra laundry to make sure we have clean running clothes and made sure headlamps, watches and BG meter are charged, for example. Of course we also made time to walk/feed/play with Miles so he isn’t neglected just because we decided to get out of our comfort zones. Overall, so far, so good! Now off to get through the night legs and #EarnYourSunrise all over again!

Leg #8 (miles 29-32)

3/7/2020 10:00 pm

  • 9:15 am,  BG: 107
  • 9:30 am,  BG: 107, Set temp target (reduced basal), 5g carbs
  • 9:56 pm,   BG: 117, Start running
  • 10:30 pm, BG: 84, 2g carbs
  • 10:38 pm,  BG: 72, Finish running, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 11:08 pm, BG: 109, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Leg 8 was another dark and cold one with temperatures just below freezing. We also took another slightly hilly route this time. My legs were definitely feeling heavy on the uphills but Marty reminded me the faster we get home, the more sleep we get so I pushed on. He’s a really great coach! Unfortunately, I’m stuck staying up at least 30 minutes post run though to make sure my BGs level out. Speaking of BGs, this was probably my best run in terms of management so far. Super steady and 100% in range (close call at the end when it hit 72 but caught it just in time)!

Leg #9 (miles 33-36)

3/8/2020 3:00 am (Daylight Savings)

  • 1:30 am,  BG: 117, Set temp target (reduced basal)
  • 3:00 am,   BG: 13, Start running, 2g carb
  • 3:44 am,   BG: 100, Finish running, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 4:14 am, BG: 118, 30 Minutes Post Workout

I did not want to get out of bed for this leg. It was 30 degrees out, dark and it was another leg that was going to end uphill. I wasn’t ready to give up yet though so I rolled out of bed, checked my BGs, set my temp target, and threw on my running shoes. I had a single gummie right before we headed out the door. My legs felt like cement and you can see that it was a bit slower than the other legs.

On the run, Marty and I were talking about how many the cars passing us were probably just leaving the bar and he randomly started singing Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers. I shot back with Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright. We went back and forth until we couldn’t think of anymore “Saturday” songs. For those of you who aren’t endurance athletes, this is the kind of loopy fun stuff people do in the later miles of a crazy long run and it’s a freakin’ blast, especially when you’re legs a screaming! Hopefully a shower, another nap and some water will fix me up for the next leg but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Leg #10 (miles 37-40)

3/8/2020 7:00 am

  • 6:30 am,  BG: 142
  • 6:45 am,  BG: 143, Set temp target (reduced basal) for 30 minutes
  • 6:55 am,   BG: 142, Start running,
  • 7:38 am,   BG: 118, Finish running, 0.4 U correction + pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 11:30 am, BG: 136, 30 Minutes Post Workout

It was pretty rough getting out of bed again, especially knowing it was only 29 degrees outside and it was still dark outside. The finish line was almost in sight though so we continued on. This leg my dad decided to join Marty and I for the 4 mile loop. Really it was perfect since Sunday mornings are traditionally when I would run with my dad. The first mile was rough (11:30ish pace), it was pretty flat but my legs are definitely hurting at this point. I started to warm up after the first mile and started picking up the pace (10:20 or so when I looked at my watch). Dad checked in and asked if he was pushing the pace too much and I told him I was okay. The three of us continued along running and chatting. Just after mile 3, I glanced at my watch and noticed a 9:15 pace! This is so typical when Dad and I get talking, we get lost in the conversation forget we’re running and the pace gets out of hand. We pulled back the pace* at my request, Marty and I still have 8 more miles to do today, after all.

My BGs were very steady thanks to a short reduced basal and the dawn phenomenon. They did start to spike again after the run so I corrected and had my protein coffee. I doubled my typical amounts (3g carbs, 37g protein, 2g fat) because I need to get some calories in my system to fuel the next two legs but still need to keep my BGs normal. Normally, the dawn phenomenon allows me to complete my morning workout without any additional fuel but with these back to back runs, my need to eat and active insulin, these morning runs are actually the more challenging ones in terms of BG management.

*Marty is much, much faster than I am so I have been setting the pace for our runs and my saint of a husband has stuck right by my side every step of the way!

Leg #11 (miles 41-44)

3/8/2020 10:00 am

  • 9:15 am,  BG: 138, Set temp target (reduced basal)
  • 9:30 am,  BG: 165, 0.4 U active insulin from breakfast
  • 9:58 am,   BG: 138, Start running, 4g carbs
  • 10:11 am, BG: 105, A lot of carbs*
  • 10:40 am,  BG: 73, Finish running, End temp target (reduced basal), 4g carbs
  • 11:10 am, BG: 78, 30 Minutes Post Workout

So Marty and I decided over coffee, screw the “4 hour window”, we originally said “6pm, 10pm, 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, etc.” and we cut our second to last rest window short to get back on track with the 2pm, 6pm. 10pm cycle.** When I did my pre-run blood test for leg 11, my sensor was reading 108 and my BG reading was 165…not good. This discrepancy was enough to send my pump into a tizzy. Normally, this kind of error sends it into a “loop” for hours, requesting tons of blood tests, especially if I already have active insulin onboard. Luckily, when we got to the trail head, I tested again and the pump seemed be reading my BGs accurately again and allowed me to go back into automode. Crisis averted!

The run itself was nice, still a bit chilly but sunny and beautiful. Marty was distracting me throwing out cute little one-liners. We were laughing and having a good old time. Running with someone really helps you get through the hard parts! I did feel a little strain in my right foot so I’ll be icing that before the final leg. My calves and knees are a bit sore but that’s “good pain” not “injury pain” and more than anything I just feel tired from the lack of sleep. Peanut butter, ritz crackers and cinnamon for lunch today. Again, needed a bit of fat in my life to slow down the swing from the simple/high GI carbs (candy and tart cherry juice during/after the run).

*I was just over a mile in and knew that I needed a lot to sustain the rest of my run considering I had active insulin onboard. I downed a gross amount of the candy I brought with me, without counting it. I would rather deal with a high BG later than a low mid-run. Safety first…although hindsight, I probably should have counted the carbs.

**Since there is technically no 2am on daylight savings in the spring

Leg #12 (miles 45-48)

3/8/2020 2:00 pm

  • 1:30 pm,  BG: 140, Set temp target (reduced basal), 0.1 U active insulin from lunch
  • 1:57 pm,   BG: 162, Start running
  • 2:12 pm, BG: 170, End temp target (reduced basal)
  • 2:35 pm,   BG: 91, Finish running
  • 3:05 pm, BG: 79, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Pure adrenaline! This leg was all endorphins, definitely a suffer flow kind of run! So much pain at the same time as pure joy! My foot was still screaming, not surprisingly, and my quads were on fire but I felt like I was flying. If you experience this feeling once, I swear you’ll be hooked on running for life! For this run, we picked our “usual” long run route which we saved specifically for the last leg. It finally warmed up and the sun was out, perfect running weather! My BGs were rising, I’m not sure if it was the peanut butter or the adrenaline but I had to end my temp target earlier than I thought I would. After that, my BG dropped rapidly but caught it with some tart cherry juice when we got back in the car (lowest I hit was 73 before it came back up). Another 100% in range run for my BGs (although way too much swinging for my liking) and my best 4 mile time of all of the legs to boot!

So happy to have this accomplishment in my “cookie jar” as Goggins would say. I may be a bit crazy but this was definitely the most fun date weekend I could have imagined! #LoveForTheLongRun #StayHard

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