3/17/2020-Ride + Strength

Indoor Bike +

Bodyweight Strength

  • 5:00 pm, BG: 112
  • 5:25 pm, BG: 120, Start workout
    • 15 minute indoor bike
  • 5:55 pm, BG: 88, 4g carb
    • 2 x the following, minus one rep each round
      • 10 push ups, 10 bicycle crunches (each side), 10 squats
  • 6:15 pm, BG: 81, End workout
  • 6:45 pm, BG: 117, 30 Minutes Post Workout

I left my bike set up on the trainer from yesterday and decided to ride for 30 minutes at an intense pace in order to be sure I would hit my 6 mile goal for the day. Again, I didn’t really know what my actual total mileage is today since I haven’t gotten a new odometer yet for my bike. After my ride, I did a workout that my girl Kasey at GoalsFit (she’s a rockstar), posted the other day. I swapped out the sit ups for bicycle crunches since regular sit ups bruise my tailbone if I don’t have a thick mat to do them on.

I had some protein at lunch and my BGs were just starting to rise from that prior to my ride (I had been hanging between 70-90 almost all morning/afternoon). I didn’t reduce my basal and had my emergency food ready to go, just in case. I had two ritz crackers after my ride, before my bodyweight strength set and it worked out pretty well.

What are you doing to workout while the gyms are closed?

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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