Indoor Bike

Easy effort + Experimenting

  • 6:06 am, BG: 145
  • 6:15 am, BG: 120, Start 1st ride
    • 10 minute indoor bike
  • 6:25 am, BG: 111, End 1st ride
  • 6:55 am, BG: 81, 30 mins post ride
  • 7:40 am, BG: 120 Start 2nd ride
    • 5 minute indoor bike
  • 7:47 am, BG: 118, End 2nd ride/blood test
  • 7:51 am, BG: 115, Start 3rd ride
    • 15 minute indoor bike
  • 8:07 am, BG: 113, End 3rd ride/blood test
  • 8:37 am, BG: 76, 30 mins post ride

Today I decided to get back to my usual morning workout routine. Since I’m working from home, I decided to do some experimenting with timing. When I woke up, my BGs were a bit high from the dawn phenomenon so I decided I would ride until they came down. That took about 10 minutes of easy/moderate biking, which seems to drop my BGs very quickly. On a normal day, after my morning workout, I would be rushing around the house getting ready for work and the dawn phenomenon would be spiking my BGs back up. Today, I let that spike happen and then I got back on the bike to finish my ride instead of correcting with insulin. Overall, it worked pretty well! It helps to have some additional flexibility!

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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