Indoor Bike

Medium Effort

  • 8:10 am, BG: 117, Set temp target
  • 8:40 am, BG: 104, Start ride (micro dosed carbs throughout, ~10g total)
  • 9:33 am, BG: 111, End temp target
  • 10:28 am, BG: 105, End ride
  • 11:00 am, BG: 125, 30 mins post ride

Today I had to get my “long ride” in. I know 25 miles probably doesn’t seem like much to some avid cyclists but since I’m just getting back into it, 25 seemed like a good place to start. If I were running, I probably would have gone out for the same amount of time so I figured 90ish minutes was roughly equivalent. I finally got an odometer for my bike so I now know exactly how far I’m riding, which is nice.

My BG management went pretty well today. I noticed when I woke up that my BGs were slowly trending down so I set a temp target and had my emergency food nearby. Since I was on the trainer, I decided to experiment a bit and made some protein coffee (5g carbs) and poured myself a bowl of cereal (44g carbs)** to keep near by. I checked by BGs every few minutes and sipped coffee whenever I saw BGs trending down. Once the coffee was gone, I ate a few pieces of cereal here and there. You can see the spike I had on my graph from having too much cereal at one time (it was so good!). At that point I ended my temp target and let my basal and the ride bring me back down. That went pretty well and “landed the plane” at a 105 BG. The only disappointing thing was I still had most of my cereal left over when I was done. Maybe I’ll take the leftovers with me on a long walk with Miles later. 🙂

*This is only the third time I’ve use my chest for an infusion site spot. It seems to be working well in terms of absorption and it is giving my stomach, obliques and glutes a break.

**Quaker Oatmeal Squares to be exact, one of my favorites! I know a lot of T1s have given up on trying to eat cereal because most of them are so high on the glycemic index and cause BGs to swing wildly but they can make good workout/emergency food.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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