3/24/2020-Ride + Couple Strength

Indoor Bike

Med Effort + Fun

  • 5:15 am, BG: 131
  • 5:46 am, BG: 147, Start ride
  • 6:07 am, BG: 132, End ride
  • 6:37 am, BG: 80, 30 mins post ride

Today I woke up before my alarm, around 4:00 am. I got some housework done and then when I noticed the dawn phenomenon kicking in, I jumped on the bike to knock out my ride for the streak. No food or drinks other than water to fuel this one but I stole Marty’s jar of animal crackers and set it next to the bike in case I needed some emergency food. Probably not the healthiest option but delicious and only ~1.5g of carbs per cracker so perfect for small corrections.

Yesterday, I tested out the foot again with a quick 2 mile run and it went well so I’m going to continue swapping out rides for runs here and there to make sure I’m ready for ultra training in the fall. Unfortunately, I overslept yesterday and was just able to get home and showered in time to start working. Its been pretty crazy at work so yesterday was a long work day for me and I didn’t have a chance to write up the details for you all.

Without the gym, Marty and I have been going a bit stir crazy. He saw this “thrust your partner” challenge and we decided to do a full partner challenge workout. Some of the moves were definitely hard but mostly this was just for fun. Which is why there is no meticulous BG tracking, slightly high but not horrible numbers (trend line below)!

Hope you have as much fun watching this as much as we did making it!
*Do not try this at home!
Photo credit: Martin Nat

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