3/26/2020-Run + N&D

Outdoor Run +

Nickels & Dimes

  • 4:05 pm, BG: 175, 0.3 U correction
  • 4:49 pm, BG: 173, Start run
    • 2.5 mile run
    • 2 x 5 pull-ups & 10 push ups
    • 0.27 mile run
  • 5:15 pm, BG: 137, End workout
  • 5:47 pm, BG: 87, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today I played one of my least favorite games, “run until your blood sugar comes down”. I messed up on my bolus for my lunch around 1:30ish and by 3:15 pm, my BGs were starting to climb. I knew I still had a workout to do and didn’t want to correct with more insulin, so I took Miles for a quick walk. My BGs started to dip but about 30 minutes later, they were rising again so I did a quick correction and decided to run a bit earlier than originally planned*.

Since I committed to doing nickles & dimes once per week I drove over to the local park and started running. I got in the two miles for my streak and continued running until I got to the pull up bar. I stopped (about 2.5 miles in) did my 2 x 5 pull-ups & 10 push ups and ran back to the car. By then, my BGs were back in a much better place but dropping rapidly so I drove home and tested so be sure my sensor was accurate**. Today, it was on point. It’s so nice when technology works the way it should!

*Earlier in the day, I had planned on running later to try to catch the sunset at the end of it but I guess I’ll just have to enjoy it from my deck with Marty and Miles a bit later tonight. Sometimes you need to be flexible and modify plans to keep BGs in range.

**The more my BGs swing rapidly, the less accurate my CGM is so I frequently double check with a blood test when this happens.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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