3/29/2020-Run + Strength

Outdoor Run +

Upper Body

  • 4:05 pm, BG: 175,
  • 8:38 am, BG: 93, Start run, 9g carb
    • 7.47 mile run
      • @ mile 3, 1 gummie
      • @ mile 4, 1 gummie
      • @ mile 5, 3 gummies
  • 9:48 am, BG: 91, End run, End temp target
    • 2.6 U correction & pre-bolus for breakfast*
  • 10:47 am, BG: 165, Start workout
    • 3 x through the following:
      • 5 push ups
      • 20 plank slides
      • 5 diamond push ups
      • 20 table top crunches
      • 5 wide arm push ups
      • 20 each side oblique in & outs
      • 5 pike push ups
    • 3 x through the following:
      • 12 resistance band upright rows
      • 12 resistance band low rows
      • 12 total bicep curls
    • 1 min weighted plank
  • 11:15 am, BG: 137, End workout
  • 11:47 am, BG: 86, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning when I woke up, my Oura ring told me that I was ready to race. Which was ironic since I would have been doing the second of back-to-back marathons today if the races hadn’t been cancelled. Instead I went out intending to test out my foot with my first mid-distance run since I initially hurt it. It felt much better then my last run and the run itself felt great too. It was a little cloudy and wet outside but the temperatures were prefect so I headed to the woods. In the woods, I bumped into a cute guy on a run who snapped a few photos for me (okay, it might have been Marty who was also running this morning). After the run, I did a strength session because I’ve been seriously slacking in that area since this pandemic started.

BGs were prefect during my run today! I over did the gummies at mile 5 and didn’t end my temp target soon enough which shot me high after the run. I did a number of small corrections over the course of about an hour to bring it back into range and prebolus for breakfast. I knew I would want to eat right after my strength session so I wanted to have some insulin ready for that.

*This is spread out over about an hour, dosed in small increments.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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