Indoor Bike +

CGM Problems

  • 5:00 pm, BG: 106
  • 5:52 pm, BG: 71, Start temp target, carbs (a lot/unknown)
  • 6:49 pm, BG: 91, Start ride, 19 g carbs @ mile 2.5
  • 7:25 pm, BG: 119, End ride, 0.9 U correction, End temp target
  • 7:55 pm, BG: 137, 30 mins post ride

Diabetes technology is great, when it works. Today, for no particular reason, my CGM decided it wanted to mess with me. I’m only on day 3 for this sensor (they are supposed to last 7) and it was off by 30 points or more all afternoon. After work, I wanted to get my ride over and done with but I saw I was trending down still from some active insulin on board and decided to wait a bit to see if it would level out from the protein I had. It kept trending down, so I set a temp target and ate a whole pint of blackberries and a few pieces of cereal over the course of an hour. I didn’t go below 68 but my sensor kept reading in the 50s and even showed me a “below 40” at which point I tested with a finger stick and was actually 71. Big difference! I waited until my carbs brought me back up to 90, had my emergency food ready to go and started to ride.

About 2.5 miles in, my numbers started trending down again so I ate a whole pack of gummie. I knew that this would probably spike me high later but I would rather be high than low and with over 6 miles to go, I wasn’t taking chances. When I finished my ride, my sensor was reading 77 and my finger stick was 119. I was ready to throw the pump across the room but decided not to break the device keeping me alive. Since I knew I had more carbs than I needed, I dosed for half of them immediately upon finishing my ride and ended my temp target. After waiting about 30 minutes for the insulin to kick in, I was still rising quickly so I took Miles for a quick walk around the block to stop the spike. It worked! I prevented myself from going too high and didn’t have to worry about going low later (when I want to go to bed) from too much insulin in my system.

It’s all about timing and flexibility today, as frustrating as that may be!

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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