Indoor Bike +

Nickles & Dimes

  • 3:00 pm, BG: 143
  • 3:26 pm, BG: 149, Start ride, Start temp target
  • 3:57 pm, BG: 94, End ride
  • 4:05 pm, BG: 89, End temp target
  • 4:27 pm, BG: 88, 30 mins post ride

Around 9:30 pm last night, my lying sensor finally died. I had a feeling that was coming but I was hoping it would hang on until morning. Instead I did a late night sensor change, meaning 30 minutes to charge and 2 hours to warm up before I would be able to see sensor readings again. Once warmed up, my new sensors need calibration 30 minutes later and then every two hours or so to stay in automode. All of this to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night so I slept in and skipped my morning workout. Instead, I decided to back off my lunch insulin a bit and let a bit of protein carry me through my ride today. I also reduced my basal since I had some active insulin on board. I had a few moments free in the afternoon and decided to sneak in my workout on my “lunch break” since it was good timing for my blood sugar.

  • 5:59 pm, BG: 127, Start walk
  • 6:20 pm, BG: 125, Start nickles & dimes
  • 6:46 pm, BG: 123, Start walk
  • 6:57 pm, BG: 139, End walk
  • 7:20 pm, BG: 139, 0.4 U correction
  • 7:27 pm, BG: 142, 30 mins post activity

Around 5, Marty reminded me that I was supposed to do my nickles and dimes today. Since this week I bumped up my running/riding mileage my N&D went from 2 rounds to 3. Since I still don’t have access to a pull up bar, I called up my brother to see if I could swing by his place and borrow his. It’s roughly a half a mile walk to his place and I was still seeing the protein effect on my blood sugar so I took Miles for a walk down to his place.*

When I got there, my brother Matt, played with Miles while I worked out with my might-as-well-be-brother, Eric’s pup, Chuck. Then after a short catch up session with my brother, Miles and I walked back home. I didn’t have to reduce my basal or eat anything. This was 100% fueled from the protein I had at lunch and I still had to correct to keep BGs where I wanted after! Videos for fun below, clearly I still need work on my pull ups!

Video of part of my third round of pull ups aka nickles today. I won’t make you suffer through the whole thing, I was beat!
Video of my third round of push ups aka dimes today

*Yes, we social distanced and I cleaned before and after I worked out. Crazy times call for some extra precautions.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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