Outdoor Run


  • 6:25 am, BG: 145
  • 6:56 am, BG: 139, Start run
  • 7:26 am, BG: 124, End run, 0.2 U correction
  • 7:33 am, BG: 114, Suspend for shower
  • 7:42 am, BG: 107, Resume basal
  • 7:56 am, BG: 113, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning I went for a 3 mile run with my boys. Miles is loving that all of the squirrels are coming out to play and Marty and I just tried to keep up with him. We took it nice and easy today and I had a blast bringing up the rear!

BG management was easy today. I did almost nothing, no food, no change in basal, just the dawn phenomenon fueling my run and a small correction at the end. Yes, I corrected at 124 which might sound crazy to some because 124 is a pretty good number. I did this for a few reasons, first being I anticipated a continued pike from the dawn phenomenon. Second, I would be losing some basal during my 10 min shower. Third, it’s good to have active insulin in your system prior to eating (also known as a pre-bolus).

It was a really small correction because I wasn’t sure how strong the dawn phenomenon would be or when I would be eating breakfast. If I overdid it, it would be really easy to fix with a gram or two of carb later. This is also affectionately known as a “bump and nudge” if you listen to the juicebox podcast (like I do). I’ve found that keeping BGs stable and in range is the key to overall health and getting a good A1c.

The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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