Outdoor Run

Easy/Cut Short

  • 7:14 am, BG: 154, Start temp target
  • 8:10 am, BG: 146, Start run
  • 8:47 am, BG: 150, End run, 1.0 U correction*, End temp target
  • 8:50 am, BG: 149, Suspend for shower
  • 9:03 am, BG: 143, Resume basal
  • 9:20 am, BG: 142, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning I had intended to do my long run so I set a temp target (reduced basal) well in advance of my run even though BGs were already higher than I like them. I started my run at a nice easy pace, assuming I would do somewhere around 10 miles today but a little over a mile in a half in my stomach turned on me and I got sick. Before being diagnosed with T1, I probably would have kept running but today I turned around and went home.

A few thoughts factored into this decision. I didn’t want to eat anything and risk upsetting my stomach even more, which I eventually would have had to do to keep my BGs from dropping low. Also, I’m not sure if I’m getting sick or if I just ate something yesterday that my stomach wasn’t fond of and the running stirred things up in a bad way. If I am getting sick, I’ll likely need a lot more insulin than normal to manage my BGs today to avoid DKA. I also know that on occasion, running itself can cause an upset stomach** especially if it is an intense effort but considering my easy pace, I don’t think that was my issue this morning. Either way, I still got over 3 miles so the streak continues (there is always a silver lining)!

*This is a large correction for me but since I had a reduced basal for about 90 minutes and I might be getting sick, I had a feeling a small “bump” wasn’t going to do it this morning. Based on my 30 minutes post run reading, I was right and had to continue to do additional small corrections throughout the morning.

**I have a friend that would get sick after almost every 5k race. I always admired her grit and determination to keep running. If I were in that situation, I probably would have found a different sport!

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