4/5/2020-Run + Strength

Outdoor Run +

Upper Body

  • 5:54 am, BG: 124, Start temp target
  • 6:43 am, BG: 125, Start run, 3g carb, 16g fat, 9g protein
    • 10.15 mile run
      • @ mile 4, two pieces of cereal ~3g carb
      • @ mile 9, End temp target
  • 8:24 am, BG: 134, End run
  • 9:07 am, BG: 130, Start workout, 2 U correction/pre-bolus in small doses throughout workout
    • 3 x through the following:
      • 5 push ups
      • 5 spiderman push ups
      • 5 kneeling sandbag overhead press
      • 10 tricep dips
      • 10 resistance band standing reverse fly
      • 10 TRX bicep curls
    • 3 x through the following:
      • 6 plank low rows
      • 30 seconds boat hold w/ weighted punches
      • 20 weighted dead bug
    • Handstand to fail
  • 9:36 am, BG: 164, End workout
  • 9:39 am, BG: 164, Start walk
  • 9:56 am, BG: 165, End walk, 25g carbs (breakfast)
  • 10:26 am, BG: 87, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning I woke up before my alarm so Marty and I had a pre-run cup of coffee and watched the sun come up while I set my temp basal. I didn’t have any other symptoms of being sick yesterday after my stomach settled down so I decided to attempt my long run again. Marty ran the first 3 miles with me and then I finished the last 7 solo. It was a beautiful morning with perfect weather and I saw nine deer in the woods throughout the run and normally I miss them because I usually run with my head down. My feet felt great today but my legs felt a bit heavy and slow. I guess that’s what happens when there are #NoDaysOff!

BGs were great again during my run today! I had a cheesy everything bagel right before heading out the door. This was definitely an experiment. I wasn’t sure how it would sit in my stomach and I wasn’t sure about the timing for my BGs. The carbs hit pretty quick with my reduced basal and the fat/protein lasted well past my run. I may have to try this again on a longer run and skip the cereal to see what that does. After my run I changed into dry clothes and did the upper body strength workout that my sweetheart designed. I made the mistake of mentioning that “I haven’t been lifting enough since the gyms closed” a few days ago so he got to work thinking of ways to make me regret saying that out loud. I have a love/hate relationship with his workouts!

After my strength session, my BGs were rising, Miles was antsy and I was starving so, naturally, we went for a quick walk to help the insulin along. He was a happy pup and not long after we got back, I was ready to eat. The breakfast caught my BGs from dropping lower than 70 and then I had a nice steady line hanging in the 80-90 range. This is what you call a happy diabetic!

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