4/7/2020-Ride + Strength

Indoor Bike +

Lower Body

  • 3:12 pm, BG: 262 (whoops!)
  • 3:25 pm, SG: 216*, Start bike
    • 6 mile indoor bike
  • 3:50 pm, BG: 113, End bike
  • 5:13 pm, BG: 142, Start bike
    • 3 mile indoor bike
  • 5:25 pm, BG: 145, End bike/Start Strength
    • 3 x the following:
      • 15 Weighted squats
      • 12 Bulgarian split squats
      • 15 Cossack squats
      • 20 Step ups
      • 12 Stability ball hamstring curls
      • 15 Glute bridge w/ 3 sec hold
    • 10 x the following, minus one rep each round
      • 10 Jump lunges
      • 10 Turkish get ups
      • 10 Burpees
  • 6:07 pm, BG: 139, End workout
  • 6:15 pm, BG: 135, Start walk
  • 6:25 pm, BG: 135, End walk, 0.6 U correction + 110% temp basal**
  • 6:55 pm, BG: 168, 30 Minutes Post Workout, 0.5 U correction

I upped my lunch protein today and had a really stressful work day. I was completely distracted and my sensor was reading 150 when I realized I was getting some pretty significant high blood sugar symptoms***. I tested and boom, my meter hit me with a 262. I immediately got my riding stuff together and got on the bike. I rode until my BGs came down and then got back to work. By the time I finished up my work day, my BGs were climbing again so I got back on the bike to finish my ride and then did the rest of my scheduled strength workout.

After my workout, I felt like my blood sugar was rising again and it was a beautiful day here so we took Miles for a walk. After the walk, I did another correction and increased my basal. Rising BGs = more insulin. Some days it sucks being diabetic and when you’re stressed, it can make blood sugar rise, which causes more stress. It’s a “fun” little loop to get caught in. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another shot at getting it right.

*This was what my sensor read at the start of my ride and clearly it was still off at this point.

**Sometimes I’ll increase my basal temporarily to combat a sticky high. This way I can reduce it as my BGs come back down. If I bolus all of my correction insulin at once, it’s in my system and I can’t take it back out if I accidentally over do it. Again, small changes = small mistakes. The duel/square bolus function on my pump works well for this too.

***Symptoms of my high BGs today included dry mouth, thirst, fatigue and a pounding headache.

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