Outdoor Run


  • 12:00 pm, BG: 161
  • 12:50 pm, BG: 162, Start Run, Start temp target
  • 1:29 pm, BG: 147, End temp target (~mile 4)
  • 1:41 pm, BG: 102, End Run
  • 2:12 pm, BG: 93, 30 Minutes Post Run

Today I had the day off from work so before my workout, I went to the store (trying to get there when it opened) so I got a late start. I ate around 11:00 am and didn’t bolus as much as I normally would because I knew I was planning on running. I did have a bit of active insulin on board when I started running but my BGs were already pretty high and I was anticipating a protein spike to hold me pretty steady. It worked pretty well and it was a beautiful day so I went a bit further than my scheduled 3 mile run. Marty ran with me so I incorporated some decent hills that I would normally avoid and really had a blast doing it. Post run, we topped off our afternoon off with some killer low carb pizza for lunch! Maybe I’ll share this recipe with you all at some point in the future!

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