Outdoor Run

  • 6:30 am, BG: 117
  • 7:16 am, BG: 112, Start run, Set temp target
    • 2 gummies @ ~mile 2.5
  • 7:54 am, BG: 69, End run, End temp target & automode exit**
  • 8:25 am, BG: 72, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Last night I planned on doing a sunrise run* this morning but I slept in a bit and the sun was already up (just barely) when Marty and I started running. It was perfect running weather when we started with the exception of a few sporadic chilly gusts of wind. My legs are definitely a little sore and I felt slow but it was still a fun run, just over 3 miles today.

BGs were okay today. I checked my pump around mile 2.5 and saw a 98. I thought the dawn phenomenon might carry me to the end of my run but a few moments later, I saw 89 and knew I was dropping too rapidly for that to work out so I had 2 gummies to prevent a low. I just barely caught it and 69 was my low point this morning. It wasn’t ideal but could have been much worse.

*Can you tell I have a thing for sunrise and sunset runs? They are just magical times of the day in my opinion. 🙂

**Automode wouldn’t have started my basal until I got close to 120 and I knew I was going to need it for the effect of the gummies and dawn phenomenon. Starting my basal again, even though I was already just a hair below normal range prevented a high later on. It’s all about timing!

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