Indoor Bike +

Lower Body Strength

  • 10:17 am, BG: 107
  • 10:47 am, BG: 87, Start workout, 2g carb
    • 3 x the following:
      • 12 Weighed Squats w/ 2 sec hold at bottom
      • 12 Sumo Goblet Squats
      • 10 Single Leg Squats (each leg)
      • 12 Bulgarian Jump Squats
      • 15 Ball Hamstring Curls
      • 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges (each leg)
      • 12 Lateral Lunges
    • 1 x 12 Weighed Squats w/ 2 sec hold
  • 11:34 am, BG: 102
    • 5 x the following for 30 secs, decreasing 5 secs each round (30-60 secs rest between rounds):
      • Squat taps
      • Step taps
      • Burpees
      • Mountain Climbers
  • 11:50 am, BG: 118, Start temp target
  • 11:54 am, BG: 126, Start ride
    • 15 mile easy ride
  • 12:25 pm, BG: 139, End temp target
  • 12:39 pm, BG: 146, 0.8 Correction
  • 1:00 pm, BG: 140, End ride
  • 1:30 pm, BG: 118, 30 mins post workout

When I can, I like to do “leg day” the day after my long run days. Since I ran long yesterday, today I focused on my leg strength. Since my BGs have been rising after my workouts, I decided to do my strength session first and then bike. A coach I once had previously told me that whatever I’m focusing on for my workout is what I should do first. For me, that always meant getting my cardio in before strength training since my competitions are running races (not lifting or bodybuilding). The strength portion is mostly included to prevent injury and help me run better. Today I decided to see if switching that out would help my blood sugar management and it worked pretty well. Overall a pretty steady line on the CGM although, I probably could have done without the temp target today.

Today was also the next “bump up” in my training plan so I now have a 4 mile run or 12 mile ride daily. I was listening to “80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower” by Matt Fitzgerald (on audiobook) during my ride today and was inspired to go slower and longer. I went an extra 3 miles on the bike for kicks since my BGs were cooperating today. Not too shabby for a rainy Monday!

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