4/14/2020-Run + Strength

Outdoor Run +

Upper Body & Yoga

  • 6:00 am, BG: 143
  • 6:32 am, BG: 144, Start run
    • 4 mile run
  • 7:07 am, BG: 139, 0.5 U correction
  • 7:15 am, BG: 135, End run, exit automode
  • 7:24 am, BG: 130, 0.5 U correction, suspend basal
  • 7:32 am, BG: 133, 0.5 U correction, resume basal
  • 7:45 am, BG: 136, 30 minutes post run, 0.5 U correction

I’m back to working from home this morning so I made sure to get my run in before I had to start since I wanted to take advantage of the rise in BGs due to the dawn phenomenon. I sure am glad I did because it was raging this morning. I could have definitely done another mile or two without any additional fuel. Truly, I wish I had the time to, even though my legs felt like cement because it was just beautiful!!

When I was just under a mile from home and saw my BGs were super steady, I knew I needed to correct so the insulin would hit after my run. I chose to correct again just before I jumped in the shower since my BGs weren’t dropping, I was going to have a short suspend and I knew I would want breakfast soon. When I got out of the shower and saw my BGs creeping up despite my 7:07 correction starting to hit, I knew I would need a little more if I wanted to eat any time soon and then used the same line of thinking with my 7:45 correction. I was hoping to have some protein pancakes for breakfast but even those have 10g carb so I waited until my BGs start to come down before eating those. I could do a super bolus instead of my small incremental pre-boluses but I would rather use the law of small numbers to slow dose the insulin and carbs and avoid large swings while I’m trying to work later this morning.

  • 5:23 pm, BG: 101, Start workout, 3.2 U correction dosed throughout workout
    • 4 x through the following:
      • 15 Push Ups
      • 12 Bent Over Low Rows
    • 3 x through the following:
      • 10 Push Up Walk
      • 8 Plank Bird Dog w/ 10 sec hold
      • 12 Dragon Flags
      • 12 Iron Cross Crunch
      • 60 sec Side Plank (each side)
      • 12 Supermans
    • Push Up Pyramid (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
    • Handstand to fail
  • 6:30 pm, BG: 138, End workout
  • 6:34 pm, BG: 138, Start yoga
  • 7:00 pm, BG: 131, End yoga
  • 7:35 pm, BG: 105, 30 Minutes Post Workout

After work, I did my strength session. Today I included a lot of push ups and even though it was upper body day, my legs felt a bit sore and tight during some of the exercises. Since there are #NoDaysOff* I decided to do some yoga after to help recover my muscles and my mind. It worked amazingly and I felt so good after I was done today. Not much can fix my tight hips and hamstrings like pigeon, down dog and frog pose!**

The strength session in combination with my lunch protein did bump my BGs today and I wasn’t doing any cardio to bring them back down since I got my run knocked out in the morning so I was pretty aggressive with my correction boluses. I did spread them out though to make sure I don’t end up going low later when I want to be sleeping.

*#NoDaysOff is a Tracksmith thing. Find out more about the philosophy here.

**If you’re a runner, these might be good poses to try out.

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