Outdoor Run

Active Recovery

  • 2:43 am, BG: 142, 0.2 U correction
  • 5:45 am, BG: 177
  • 6:14 am, BG: 161, Start run
  • 6:45 am, BG: 164, 0.3 U correction, exit automode
  • 6:58 am, BG: 161, End run, 0.9 U correction
  • 7:09 am, BG: 159, suspend basal
  • 7:16 am, BG: 165, resume basal, 1.0 U correction
  • 7:28 am, BG: 168, 30 Minutes Post Workout, 0.5 U correction

Some days you do everything “right” and your blood sugar just won’t cooperate. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to a “rise alert” on my pump. I did a small correction knowing I needed some insulin but also knowing I would be going for a run in less than 4 hours (meaning some of that correction insulin would still be lingering in my system on my run). When I got up this morning, the dawn phenomenon was raging and almost knocked me out of range. I have to say I was pretty angry. I got ready to run, grabbed Marty & Miles and we headed out the door. The run hardly put a dent in my high BGs this morning so I did some “rage bolusing” after to try to bring them back down. No food or temp targets needed but it is super frustrating when things spiral out of control for seemingly no reason*.

The run itself was was overcast, cold and my legs still felt like cement. I have been trying to slow down my pace this week, which has been working but extending my run/ride on Sunday and Monday seems to be coming back to bite me a bit. At least the company was good this morning. Miles had a blast and maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll nap for a bit while we work today!

*Perhaps hormones are at play here since I don’t think this is a stress response and don’t feel sick.

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