4/18/2020-HIIT + Run

Outdoor Hills +


  • 2:20 pm, BG: 120, 22g protein
  • 2:40 pm, BG: 137, Start run
    • 4.22 mile run
      • 0.5 U correction @ mile 1
  • 3:21 pm, BG: 140, End run, 0.5 U correction
  • 3:51 pm, BG: 111, Start workout, 3 pieces of cereal
    • 3 x through the following (Rnd 1&2: 45 sec on/20 sec rest, Rnd 3: 60 sec on/20 sec rest):
      • Kettlebell Swings
      • Shalom Burpees
      • Kettlebell Front Lunges
      • Dumbbell Burpees
      • Bicycles
      • Dumbbell Sumo Squat to Curl
      • Stability Ball Roll-ups
      • Ground and Pound
      • High Knee Burpees
      • Weighted Shadow Boxing
  • 4:28 pm, BG: 98, End workout
  • 5:00 pm, BG: 96, 30 Minutes Post Workout

I slept in this morning and it was amazing! After I slept in, I had to do my sensor change so I got a late start for today’s workout. I’ve had easy workouts everyday since Monday so today I pushed myself a bit. I did a hilly run to get my 4 miles in and keep my streak alive*. I hate hills but I’m going to need to do a lot of them to be ready for our November race. After the run, I did a workout that my sweetheart designed for me, which means it was a doozy!

BGs were pretty decent the whole time. This workout is a very literal “bump and nudge” workout. I started with some active insulin onboard, so I had some tuna salad for lunch before the run. Then I corrected on the run and again after. When I started dropping quicker than I would like, I had 3 pieces of cereal and everything leveled out nicely from there. Lots of variables at play today and a bunch of extra blood tests since I never fully trust a new sensor.

*I rode 12 miles on the bike on Thursday and ran 4 miles with Marty yesterday. We had some exciting family stuff going on and I didn’t find the time to blog about them.

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