4/23/2020-Run + N&D

Outdoor Run +

Nickles & Dimes

  • 1:57 am, BG: 117, automode exit
  • 3:59 am, BG: 110, automode start
  • 5:29 am, BG: 82, start temp target
  • 6:33 am, BG: 120, Start run, end temp target
    • 6:42 am, BG: 140, 0.2 U Correction @ ~mile 1
    • 6:54 am, BG: 155, 0.5 U Correction @ ~mile 2
  • 7:12 am, BG: 120, End run, 5g carbs
  • 7:35 am, BG: 91, suspend basal
  • 7:40 am, BG: 94, resume basal
  • 7:42 am, BG: 96, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today I decided to include some of my overnight numbers in order to provide a little perspective. Normally, I don’t reduce my basal before a morning run but today, was a bit similar to yesterday where automode kicked out in my sleep. If my basal was set perfectly, you would see a nice flat line. I have my basal schedule set just slightly higher at this time of day so it will slowly bring me down to help off set the dawn phenomenon if I’m not in automode. When I woke up at 4:00 am and realized my automode was off, I tested and started it again (thereby reducing my basal b/c I was under 120) and went back to sleep.

When I got up again at 5:30ish, I saw I was at 83, a great number but not a great pre-run number since there is no wiggle room for a potential drop. I set a temp target (automode targets 150 in this setting) to let my BGs rise for about an hour. This is way longer than I would normally do for a short 4 mile run and I knew I may need to correct it later to prevent a high. I stopped the temp target when I started to run because I wanted my regular basal to start taking effect towards the end of the run and it takes 30 mins or so to start bringing my BGs down. For the same reason, I did a couple corrections/pre-boluses on the run since I knew I would want to eat breakfast when I got home. I did have some low GI carbs right after the run to stop my BGs from dropping too quickly but avoid large swing in the opposite direction. I did a quick shower suspend and then off to work! The streak continues but I will still need to do four rounds of nickles and dimes later before I can consider myself truly done today.

Marty ran with me this morning but we left Miles at home. We saw some characters on the hills today and I was pretty surprised how many people were out since temps were just above freezing. First we were running along between miles 2 & 3 and saw a slower runner up ahead*. In order to appropriately social distance, we would either need to pick up the pace up hill and pass him or significantly slow down. Without speaking a word, Marty and I each knew what the other was thinking. We had to pick up the pace! So we powered up the hill gave a socially distant wave to the other runner and continued on our way. Then as we were running up the last hill before home, we passed a walker in our neighborhood. As we were running (from a safe distance) he said, “You guys know this is a hill, right?” I laughed and told him “It sure is!!” This is one of my favorite things on the trail is the small friendly interactions with others who enjoy activity and nature. As social animals, its is probably even more important in this time of social distancing and quarantine. It really makes you appreciate the little things!

  • 7:04 pm, BG: 77, Start workout
    • 4 x the following (N&D):
      • 5 pull ups
      • 10 push ups
  • 7:11 pm, BG: 78, End workout
  • 7:41 pm, BG: 87, 30 Minutes Post Workout

For my second workout today, I had to rep some Eagles gear in honor of the draft tonight! Go Birds! Any football or hockey event tends to be a big thing in our house. To celebrate the occasion, I tested out some new low carb ice cream recipes (I’ll share if they are any good) and made my low carb jalapeno chicken pizza**. For better or worse, I’m not putting any time restrictions on my meals today so hopefully it won’t mess up my sleep too horribly tonight.

The workout itself was just a quick*** nickles and dimes session x 4 since we’re in the second 4 mile per day week. It was too short to really effect BGs too much which is a huge benefit of a quick workout session.

One of my OTF coaches challenged me to some wide grip pull-ups so I mixed up the grips today and did a bunch of different ones. I still can’t get more than 3 wide grips at a time but I’ll work on it and report back. One of the best things about being a part of great workout communities is the extra push you get from other people in them. Shout out to Coach James for the extra push today and for pointing out a new weakness to work on!

*This is not a bad thing, I have massive amounts of respect for anyone who is willing to get out there! I’m certainly no speed demon myself!

**I really love to experiment in the kitchen in case you haven’t picked up on that yet!

***It would have been quicker if Miles hadn’t interrupted!

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