Indoor Bike x 4

+ Strength

  • 5:21 pm, BG: 113, Start ride
    • 12 miles, 8g carb @ mile 5
  • 6:03 pm, BG: 83, End ride
  • 6:29 pm, BG: 97, Start ride
    • 6 miles
  • 6:50 pm, BG: 107, End ride
  • 6:52 pm, BG: 101, Start abs
    • 3 x 12 dragon flys & 1 min plank
  • 7:04 pm, BG: 98, End abs
  • 7:06 pm, BG: 102, Start ride
    • 6 miles
  • 7:25 pm, BG: 107, End ride
  • 7:27 pm, BG: 100, Start shoulders
    • 3 x 10 lateral raise & bent over high row
  • 7:34 pm, BG: 93, End shoulders
  • 7:41 pm, BG: 94, Start ride
    • 6 miles
  • 8:00 pm, BG: 111, End ride
  • 8:30 pm, BG: 100, 30 mins post ride

After work today I needed to blow off some steam (it wasn’t a bad day, just busy). So I threw myself a Friday night quarantine cycling dance party! I blasted my music and rocked out on the bike with some mini dance sessions between my bike and strength intervals. I knew I wanted a longer workout today to clear my head so I had ~8g of carbs to make sure I could power through. I broke the bike up into intervals to give my BGs a chance to rebound before going low each time. You can see the wavy (but still in tight range) line on my CGM from this strategy. I added in some abs and shoulders with my dancing breaks for an extra challenge today. I ended up with 30 miles total on the bike* which could count for my long ride/run for the week but I may do a mid to long run this weekend anyway, depending on how my legs are feeling.

Happy Friday Everyone!

*It’s pretty crazy inside my head so it takes a long time to decompress and clear it. Really, a lot of my workouts are more for my mind than my body.

Did I use an abbreviation or term you haven’t heard before? Check out my post on T1 & Athletic Lingo!

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