Indoor Bike +

Lower Body Strength

  • 3:53 pm, BG: 132, Start ride
    • 5 mile ride
  • 4:10 pm, BG: 113, End ride
  • 4:39 pm, BG: 122, 30 mins post workout
  • 5:20 pm, BG: 140, Start ride
    • 10 mile ride
  • 5:54 pm, BG: 124, End ride
  • 6:01 pm, BG: 126, Start strength, 1.3 U total correction during workout
    • 3 x the following:
      • 15 Sumo squats
      • 10 Bulgarian split squats with 3 sec hold at bottom
      • 8 Three point lunges
      • 15 Step ups with high knee
      • 15 Hamstring curl on ball
      • 10 Elevated front lunge
      • 10 Elevated adductor bridges
    • 2 x 60 sec Stir the pot
  • 6:47 pm, BG: 147, End workout
  • 7:17 pm, BG: 133, 30 mins post workout

This morning Marty and I decided to spend some quality time together instead of working out. We slept in, had banana coffee and low carb banana bread for breakfast and took Miles to play at the park, all before work! Can’t beat a lazy Monday morning! Since I took the morning off, I knew I would need to plan my meals and insulin today to be ready for an evening workout.

Around 3:30ish I noticed my BGs rising from the protein I had at lunch (2:00ish) so I hopped on the bike and knocked out a quick 5 miles and went back to work. After work, I got the other 10 miles on the bike in to keep my streak alive. My legs were screaming today from my last couple of workouts but I did my lower body strength session anyway. Nothing changes if you don’t get out of your comfort zone!

Today’s workout was completely fueled by my late lunch and after I got done the cardio, I still needed to correct with additional insulin. I micro-dosed 1.3 U throughout my strength session to keep my bloodsugar where I wanted it. It was a bit higher than I normally like it but not in a bad place for working out so I’ll take it. Another one in the books! #NeverMissAMonday

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