4/30/2020-Ride + Strength

Indoor Bike +


  • 5:29 am, BG: 122, Start strength
    • 3 x 12 TRX chest press/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 12 Dumbbell flies/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 12 Dumbbell chest press on Bosu w/hip bridge/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 6 Single arm dumbbell press on stability ball(each arm)/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 12 Tricep Dumbbell kickbacks/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 10 Arnold press/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 12 Band push downs/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 6 Sandbag plank pull through (each side)/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 10 Weighted sand bag dips/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 12 Ab roll outs/ 5 push ups
    • 3 x 12 Sit up w/ rotation/ 5 push ups
  • 6:32 am, BG: 130, End strength
  • 6:34 am, BG: 132, Start ride
    • 15 mile ride, 1 gummie around mile 10
  • 7:33 am, BG: 108, End ride
  • 7:38 am, BG: 111, Start N&D
    • 5 x 5 pull ups/ 10 push ups
  • 7:43 am, BG: 112, End N&D, 1.2 U Pre-bolus for breakfast
  • 8:13 am, BG: 112, 30 mins post workout
Arnold press (video)

Today I have an evening webinar scheduled so I had to get my entire workout in before work. When I woke up, I decided to start with my strength session since BGs were in a good place and do my bike ride once the dawn phenomenon hit. Amazingly, the timing worked out perfectly and I had super steady BGs with minimal manipulation. I did have one gummie towards the end of my ride when I saw my BGs starting to trend down quickly. Hindsight, I probably didn’t need it but that small adjustment kept me hanging nicely in the 110-120 range until breakfast so no complaints!

Push ups all day long (video)
Tricep Dumbbell kickbacks (video)

Today’s workout was courtesy of Keith*, one of my OTF coaches. He is an amazing trainer so of course the workout was a killer! I counted up all of my push ups after the workout and realized I did 105 of them today. That might be a record for me but I’ve never actually counted before so I’m not 100% sure. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! I took the bike as an active recovery for my legs since they were pretty sore again today. I’m really looking forward to Miles’s birthday next Thursday when the streak ends and I can finally take a true rest day. I’ve come this far though so I can’t quit yet!

Band push downs/push ups (video)

*Keith is a machine! Feel free to hit him up on facebook if you’re looking for customized workouts to help you reach your goals.

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