Outdoor Run


  • 7:32 am, BG: 141, Start temp target
  • 8:09 am, BG: 137, Start run, ~6g carb throughout
    • 10:00 am, BG: 101, End temp target @ mile 9
  • 10:09 am, BG: 102, End run
  • 10:23 am, BG: 112, 0.2 U correction
  • 10:40 am, BG: 122, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Today Marty and I decided to mix it up and drove to his old stomping grounds* for our long run. I did my long slow distance and he did long distance speed intervals. Since he is so much faster than I am, he’ll often run with me for a bit, then take off at a quick pace to a designated landmark, run back to me and recover by running with me at my pace again. It’s a fun way for us to be able to train together without him running my slow pace the whole time.

Since today should have been the Broad Street Run, I decided to do an even 10 miles. The run itself was miserable today (other than the company) so I wasn’t trying to “race” it. I had to make a few bathroom pit stops along the way because my stomach was a mess. Stomach issues are one of lesser talked about challenges with long distance running but that was the reality today. My legs felt like cement and I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm. I wore my Finger Lakes 50s shirt and I have to say, it helped my mental state a bit to reflect on the challenge of that 50k (33 mile) race. I knew that no matter how bad today’s run was, it was nothing compared to what I conquered that day**.

Even though my legs and stomach didn’t want to cooperate, my blood sugar behaved today! Nice and steady hanging between 98-137 the whole run. I set my temp target about 30 minutes before I started and sipped on tailwind, just little sips throughout. I only ended up drinking a quarter of my bottle which I’m guessing was about 6g of carbs (the full bottle would be 25g).

*Where he lived when we first met. Where we parked, we had to walk a bit to the running path from the car so my pump pictures are a bit delayed today.

**David Goggins talks about his “cookie jar and this race is one of my successes in my cookie jar.

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