Outdoor Run


  • 5:59 am, BG: 144, Start run
    • ~3g carb @ mile 1.5
    • ~1.5g carb @ mile 2.5
    • ~6g carb @ mile 3.5
  • 6:55 am, BG: 71, End run, 3.8 U correction
  • 7:25 am, BG: 102, 30 Minutes Post Workout

We had a beautiful family run through the woods this morning. Pretty easy pace and flat course except for the hill back to the house. I waited too long to carb up this morning and my BG dropped down to 69 mid-run which is just slightly low before it started to rise again. As soon as I realized I messed up my timing, I intentionally overdid the carbs, kind of like the carb equivalent of a super bolus. When I got home, I then gave myself almost 4 units of insulin to fix the additional carbs, the inevitable continuation of the dawn phenomenon spike and pre-bolus for breakfast. It’s all about timing but even if you mess it up, you can still make adjustments to correct. Today, I was just happy to get my 5 knocked out before breakfast. Perhaps some scrambled eggs with taco seasoning for Cinco de Mayo this morning! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

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