Outdoor Run

Miles’s Birthday/Streak Complete

  • 5:41 am, BG: 129, Set temp target
  • 6:11 am, BG: 127, End temp target
  • 6:15 am, BG: 125, Start run, 1 gummie
    • 2 gummies @ mile 1.5
    • 1 gummie @ mile 3.5
  • 7:05 am, BG: 76, End run, 2.2 U Pre-bolus
  • 7:35 am, BG: 80, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Back on March 15th, I decided to do a run/ride training streak to keep me moving while all of the races were cancelled. Normally, I would have just done a run streak but at the beginning of this, I was still nursing a foot injury from the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge and I’m generally pretty weak on the bike so I decided to combine the two for the streak. Now, you may be wondering, “Why end it on a random Thursday?” Well, today happens to be Miles’s 4th birthday! Marty & I also got engaged exactly four years ago today* so it’s a pretty special day in our house.

To celebrate, we went for a 5 mile family run to finish off the streak. It was a cool, crisp morning, perfect for running. We saw a ton of squirrels, a rabbit, and a cat which made Miles happy**. Today running felt like I went too hard on the bike yesterday, when I had intended it to be an active recovery ride. Since I get my first real rest day in almost 2 months tomorrow, I tried to give it a bit more effort today despite feeling worn out.

Okay, on to the blood sugar management. This is a T1 blog after all!

My blood sugar behaved pretty well this morning but I had to have some gummies to keep it stable. I did a correction overnight last night for a high (148) and figured I might have a small amount of that insulin still active in my system on my run this morning. Turned out I was right and the dawn phenomenon was no match for that combined with the running. I set a 30 min temp target before to help by backing off the basal (and let it resume on the run so I wouldn’t go high after***). Then I had a gummie to start my run and another 3 along the way to keep from going low. I ended up at the bottom of normal range, which was just fine for me (the key being still in normal range). Well, on to the next challenge! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

What are you challenging yourself with?

*I know, our dog was born on the day we got engaged. As my sister would say, “Gag me!”. Marty & I were both hopeless romantics before we met each other so I apologize in advance for the sappy stuff that finds it’s way on to the blog! Feel free to roll your eyes or virtually punch us in the face. 🙂

Gone Girl

**When Miles is happy he bucks like a bull in a rodeo while he is running. It’s a riot!

*** Although, you can see on my pump I didn’t get much basal anyway since I was below 120 (the automode target) for most of it. I factored this into my breakfast pre-bolus.

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