Outdoor Run

Benchmark – 5k

  • 8:03 am, BG: 101, Start run, 1 gummie
  • 8:28 am, BG: 125, End run, 2.1 U Correction & Pre-bolus
  • 8:44 am, BG: 168, Start Walk
  • 9:05 am, BG: 176, End Walk
  • 9:35 am, BG: 128, 30 Minutes Post Walk

Every once in a while, it’s good to air it out and get a feel for where you’re at. Normally, I would pick a small local race to do this but since there are no real races right now and I’m not so big on the virtual ones, Marty suggested I “race” a 5k distance today. He offered to pace me, so I went for it. The result, not my best (which is 23:32) but not too far off either. Since my recent training consisted of the run/ride training streak, my training has really been geared towards long distance base building, as opposed to short distance speed, so I was pretty happy with how it went this morning.

My BG management was pretty off today. I corrected a high (158) early this morning and my BGs had been slowly trending down all morning. Since they were trending down, I had one gummie right before I started running. What I failed to factor in was the potential adrenaline spike for an all out effort. I’m usually pretty good about considering this in an actual race but since today was “just a benchmark run”, I didn’t think it would be too bad. Boy was I wrong! At the end of the run, I saw 3 arrows up on my sensor for the first time in I can’t even remember how long. So after correcting, I took Miles for a nice long walk to help the insulin keep me in range and come down so it would be in a good place for breakfast*. It worked really well and I was able to bring it down and then keep it nicely in my ideal target range after breakfast!

Now off to celebrate the wonderful mother’s in my life! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

*I made more peanut butter banana bread and I was really looking forward to having that with Marty this morning!

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