Outdoor Run


  • 5:55 am, BG: 118, Start run
    • ~6g carb @ mile 1
  • 6:35 am, BG: 109, End run, 2.1 U correction/pre-bolus
  • 7:05 am, BG: 148, 30 Minutes Post Workout

We went and explored a new trail for our family run this morning. We caught the sunrise and it was beautiful! The run felt pretty good too. I finally feel like I’m starting to recover from the streak, which means I can start doing some more intense training days again!

BG management was pretty good as well during the run. Around the first mile, I saw the drop starting pretty quick, so a grabbed a few gummies and kept moving. I did start to spike a bit after the run but my correction/pre-bolus kept me in range and brought me back down to a good place for breakfast.

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