5/16/2020-Run + Yoga

Outdoor Run

+ Stretch

  • 6:48 am, BG: 165, Set temp target
  • 7:34 am, BG: 152, Start run, 1g carb
    • 7:44 am, BG: 159, End temp target
    • 7:55 am, BG: 164, 0.2 U correction
  • 8:06 am, BG: 149, End run
  • 8:16 am, BG: 138, Start yoga
  • 8:37 am, BG: 115, End yoga
  • 9:03 am, BG: 104, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning, I got to road test a new pair of shoes*. I was originally thinking 5 miles and maybe a bit more if I felt good but once I got out there, my lower legs started to lock up**. Serves me right for not working on my flexibility/mobility as I had intended. I decided to turn around and head home around mile 1.5 giving me just over a 5k this morning. Since my muscles were so tight post run, I decided to do a quick yoga for runners video***. After that, Marty gave me a quick targeted massage**** and I took a nice long Epsom salt bath to help recover for tomorrow. When you have a bad day, you have to “get right back on the horse” and know that better days are coming.

My BG management was okay today. It started a bit high but I managed to fix it with some small adjustments. You can see by how I pre-planned my run that I was planning on running much longer and then I adjusted mid-run when I changed my plans. Post run my BGs landed nice and steady and then hung right around 100 until breakfast.

So our “new trail” from my last post was actually one we found during our spontaneous trip that we took this week to our favorite place in the whole world. Since we’re both working “from home”, we decided to work from somewhere else for the week. We were able to do some run exploring, support a few local family-owned restaurants and relax in the evenings in a place where the pace is just slower. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do spontaneous things like this every once in a while.

Now off to celebrate the birthday of my original running buddy!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

*Trying out the Nike Zoom Fly 3s. We’ll see how this goes. I’m always weary about new shoes, a creature of habit I suppose.

**To the point where I was actually limping pretty badly post run.

***Another awesome Rachel Meyer video. Check it out here if you like.

****I’m pretty lucky to live with one of the best sport massage therapists around!

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