5/18/2020-Run + Yoga

Outdoor Run

+ Stretch

  • 5:39 am, BG: 93, Start run, 2g carb
    • 5:54 am, BG: 87, 2g carb
  • 6:10 am, BG: 85, End run
  • 6:15 am, BG: 91, 0.6 U correction, Exit automode
  • Roll out calves
  • 6:39 am, BG: 89, 30 mins post run
  • 6:48 am, BG: 95, Start yoga
  • 7:07 am, BG: 96, End yoga
  • Epsom salt bath & Shower
  • 7:34 am, BG: 80, ~30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning, we just did a quick shake out and I took the new pair of shoes out for another spin to continue to break them in a bit. Everything was a little sore after my workout yesterday, another strength workout designed by Keith* and my lower legs are still not bouncing back quite as quickly as I would have hoped. I did get in some extra stretching, yoga** and mobility work yesterday and this morning. I’m also upping my vegetable intake hard core today to help with recovery. I normally eat a lot of veggies anyway but in my personal experience, the more I eat, the better I recover.

My BG management worked out perfectly today! My line almost looks like a normal (non-diabetic) person! I had 2 jelly beans*** right before my run and 2 more mid-run to keep my BG from dropping low and then corrected and turned on my basal**** post-run to prevent a spike. Some days you get lucky and time everything just right! Also some days, you’re slow as molasses (you can see the embarrassing garmin stats below). Gotta take the wins where you can and just keep working on everything else! 🙂

*Feel free to hit him up on facebook if you’re looking for customized workouts to help you reach your goals. My killer workout yesterday included:

Neutral full thrusters, Snatches, Good mornings to tricep kick back, Curtsy lunge to bicep curls, Single leg dead lift to high row, Reverse lunge with torso rotation, ISO squat mini band front raises, Inch worms to palms to elbows, Power step-up with kettle bell shoulder press, Leg raise to toe reach, and Spiderman crunch to plank torso rolls….and burpees. LOTS of burpees!

**Sticking with the same Rachel Meyer video. Check it out here if you like.

***Normally, I don’t fuel with jelly beans but my coworkers sent me some in the mail with a note saying they’ve missed me “in the office”. They’re the best!! I was originally just going to use them for emergency food but at 1 g of carb per bean, they work well for micro dosing on a run. They may not be the healthiest option but it sure is fun being surprised at which Jelly Belly flavor you end up with mid workout!

****Automode targets 120 for blood sugar so if you’re below that and steady, it backs off the basal. That meant I had to put it in manual mode this morning in order to get it to deliver my normal basal insulin.

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