5/21/2020-Run + Yoga

Side street strides

+ Stretch

  • 2:51 am, BG: 95, Start 90 min temp target
  • 6:14 am, BG: 122, Start run
  • 6:47 am, BG: 107, End run
  • 6:54 am, BG: 90, Start yoga
    • 1g carb towards the end
  • 7:15 am, BG: 82, End yoga
  • 7:46 am, BG: 95, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning, I had intervals on my running schedule so we did a fartlek session. I hate running intervals but I’ve come to learn it is a necessary evil. Marty came with me and gave me the pick ups. He would randomly say, “That stop sign” or “That basketball net” and it would be my job to pick up the pace until I hit the designated spot. I’m not going to lie, I hate these kinds of workouts because I’m not in control and I don’t know what’s coming ahead of time. Normally, I can talk myself through a workout in my mind by telling myself things like “half way there” or “just another 5k, you can run a 5k in your sleep”. Workouts like today, you don’t know when the next pick up is or when it’s going to end so it’s much more mentally challenging.

After the run, I did the same post run yoga session*. I’ve been really good about practicing every day this week, using the 20 min video on days where I focus on other types of workouts and longer sessions if yoga is the focus. Yesterday, I only did a 2 mile shake out run so Marty and I did this video (60 mins) as well.

I had originally intended to share yesterday’s workouts with you all, but I had some sensor issues and had to workout “blind”** which meant I didn’t have my pretty data and lines to share. I just based what I did off of how I felt. It was good to be actively mindful about how my blood sugar was making me feel. Knowing if you’re high, low or just right without a CGM is a great skill to practice since technology is bound to fail from time to time.

My BG management worked out pretty well again this morning. You might notice that I tried out a slightly different strategy today. I woke up just before 3:00 am this morning (completely randomly) so, trying to be a “good diabetic”*** I decided to test my blood sugar. It was 95, which is fantastic, except when I remembered I would be running 2-3 hours later. I thought about it and decided to set a temp target for 90 minutes. That would allow my blood sugar to rise a bit in the short term and hopefully help on my run too. Since my insulin is at peak strength about two hours after it’s injected, the peak strength (or lack there of) of my reduced basal should’ve hit during the run.

It worked great! My numbers were super steady this morning on the run. They did start to drop after, around 6:45 am which makes sense because my basal started normal strength again around 4:35 am****. Normally in my mind, I think more about when insulin will start to hit my system but perhaps I should be putting more weight in considering when it will be peaking. I don’t know if I’ll keep getting up that early but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

After the run, toward the end of my yoga session, I noticed I was dropping quicker than I would like so I had a single jelly bean to prevent a low. I didn’t want to have too many carbs and spike my BGs high before breakfast since I generally try to be in the lower end of normal range and/or trending down prior to eating. All’s well that ends well though so overall grateful for a decent workout and sugars today!

*Check it out here if you like.

**My sensor failed in the late morning, so I switched it out with a new one. I went through the whole 2.5 hour warm up, attempted to calibrate and it didn’t accept the calibration. So I waited a bit and tried to calibrate again and it didn’t accept it again. Unfortunately, if a sensor fails to calibrate two times in a row, it rejects it and you have to start over. So I changed my sensor, yet again and waited another 2.5 hours for it to warm up before it was back online. The only positive is Medtronic is replacing the failed sensor for free. Those things are too expensive to not get the full 7 days out of one.

***I’ll often say to Marty, “I don’t feel like being a ‘good diabetic’ today.” or “Look at me being a ‘good diabetic’ over here” when I’m doing something I’m supposed to do but don’t really feel like doing in the moment. I’m always glad I did whatever I was supposed to do but I’ll admit there is an occasional temptation to delay a blood test, etc. We’re all human, right?

****Days like today make me feel confident that we can figure out and master diabetes. Sometimes our blood sugar will do crazy things but there is always a reason. We just need to figure out the reason, learn and then adapt! Everything is a learning experience!

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The content on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness regimen or adjusting your diabetes management strategy.

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