Outdoor Run


  • 8:00 am, BG: 137, Breakfast, 0 carbs, 12g fat, 31g protein, 1.2 U insulin
  • 8:40 am, BG: 141, 1.8 U insulin
  • 11:08 am, BG: 97, Start temp target
  • 12:29 pm, BG: 88, Start run, ~8g carbs throughout
  • 2:17 pm, BG: 84, End run, End temp target
  • 2:42 pm, BG: 100, Automode exit
  • 2:47 am, BG: 100, 30 Minutes Post Workout

I had originally planned to run in the morning today but I decided to sleep in instead. I’m so glad I did, I really needed it today. I also had plans to social distance and have tea with my mom this morning so I decided an afternoon run was in order. I decided to have a small breakfast of chicken sausage and protein coffee at 8 am. I dosed for part of the protein as a ate and then the rest about 40 minutes later*. You can see this gave me a nice steady decline into my ideal range and most of the active insulin was out of my system before I started my run. I should also mention that I was slowly sipping on black coffee most of the morning. I’ve found that it actually has very little effect on my BGs, possibly because I’ve been a serious coffee/caffeine addict since I was in college. Many T1Ds report a serious spike from black coffee so if it impacts your BGs, factor that into your pre-workout planning.

Roughly 90 minutes before my run, I started my temp target. I did a longer temp target because I was planning on a longer run and my BG was in perfect range and had some room to climb, if needed. During the run, I took a few swigs of tailwind for my carbs. Since I started with a pretty low blood sugar for a run, I had the biggest gulp right as I started and nothing at all for the last 3 miles. You can see I landed at a great place post run but I did start to rise pretty quickly in the 30 minutes after so I probably should have ended my temp target earlier. Since I was hanging in the 80s, I left the reduced basal on until I was actually done, just to be on the safe side.

The run itself was really nice. It’s been a while since I’ve done a LSD so it was good to just chill out and go. It rained this morning so the trails were wet and muddy. The air was a little humid and temps were in the low 70s so I was sweating like crazy. It’s starting to feel like summer for sure! Since all of the flowers are starting to bloom the woods were so fragrant. The creek had swelled from the rain and I swear it’s just mesmerizing to glance over and see the raging water rushing by.

My legs felt okay today, not great but not horrible. I was a bit in my head early in the run but by mile 4, I thought, “Let it go and just run.” I stopped focusing on my pace and just let myself have fun. The later miles are always my favorites. If you don’t like to run, I always recommend slowing down the pace and going a bit longer. It allows you to relax and enjoy it a bit more. Who knows, maybe you’ll experience the elusive runners high!

*When I dose for protein, I take my pump out of automode. Sometimes, like this morning, I put it right back in automode. Other times, I won’t dose as much upfront and I leave it in manual mode with an increased basal. Since I knew I was going to run this afternoon, I didn’t want to increase my basal and have some of it hitting on my run and dropping my BGs too low. Having some protein and fat in my system also helped to “slow things down” and keep my BGs steady today.

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