5/24/2020-Run + Yoga + Core

Abs +

Shake out + Stretch

  • 8:26 am, BG: 124, Start ab block
  • 8:56 am, BG: 114, Finish ab block
  • 9:27 am, BG: 107, Start run, 4g carbs
  • 9:57 am, BG: 134, End run
  • 10:04 am, BG: 132, Start yoga
  • 10:26 am, BG: 100, End yoga
  • 10:56 am, BG: 90, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning, I had a 30 minute shake out run on my schedule. I also had a strength day but I have something fun planned for tomorrow so I decided to skip that and do some abs and yoga instead. When I workout, I always try to have a training schedule but I’m always willing to adjust it to include something fun. The fun things help keep it interesting and keep me motivated!

The best exercise, is the one you will do consistently, so you might as well do something you enjoy!

I started with the abs today while Marty went for his run, then we did my shake out run together and I finished up with the same yoga for runners video* that I’ve been doing most of the week. The ab set was rough, the run felt great (finally starting to break in the new shoes) and I’m actually starting to see some progress with my yoga already.

My BG management worked out nicely this morning. I was trying to figure out what to eat before my run and landed on my flavored PB co peanut butter. I’ve never used it pre-run before but since today was just an easy 30 min run, I figured, why not test it out. In non-running circumstances when I eat it, I spike high quickly and then drop quickly. It is pretty low carb so the spike is only usually 20-30 points and it doesn’t kick me out of range. It worked well keeping my BGs up on my short run and you can see the drop during yoga. I probably won’t make this a habit since I wouldn’t want that drop to happen on the run but it worked well today.

What fun workouts do you have planned for the holiday weekend?

*Check it out here if you like.

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