Outdoor Run +

Strength Intervals

  • 6:18 am, BG: 118, Start workout
    • 1 mile Run
    • 30 sec Push ups
    • 60 sec Bicycle crunches
    • 30 sec Pull ups
    • 0.5 mile Run
    • 30 sec Push ups
    • 60 sec Hollow hold
    • 30 sec Pull ups
    • 0.5 mile Run
    • 30 sec Push ups
    • 60 sec Stir the pot
    • 30 sec Pull ups
    • 0.5 mile Run
  • 6:53 am, BG: 116, End Workout, Exit automode
  • 7:23 am, BG: 115, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning, Marty made me a workout to switch things up a bit. I asked him to keep the focus off my legs so I could be ready for a good run tomorrow morning and he nailed it! A few quick runs, push ups, pull ups and abs. Solid, tough and quick. I was actually a bit sore when I woke up this morning and not from my workout yesterday*!

Marty and I spent the day yesterday with my dad, mom and brother doing yard work and fixing a roof. My brother pointed out that you know you’re getting stuff done when you fill a 40 ft dumpster in a weekend**! Sometimes, the best workouts aren’t workouts at all! I looked at my pump history this morning and I only used a bit over 15 units of insulin all day yesterday (basal and bolus combined)! Pretty amazing considering I usually run somewhere between 20-25 for my total daily dose (TDD), depending on food and activity level, of course.

This morning, my BGs were nice and steady and hung around 115-120 for my entire workout. I didn’t eat or reduce my basal at all for this one. I let automode take care of things during the workout and immediately after I took it out of automode to get my basal going. Since my BGs were below 120 and trending down post run, I knew automode would be shutting off my basal just as the dawn phenomenon would be kicking back in. Taking it out of automode allowed me to get my basal going again to counteract that rise. I’ll take it! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Video of yesterday’s stats!

*Yesterday I did a quick dry land swim workout that a friend sent me, some kettlebell work, yoga and abs.

**Marty and I can’t take credit for the work that happened on Saturday. My sister and brother-in-law were over there helping my dad, brother and mom get shit done that day! As a family, hard work is in our blood!

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