As Many Rounds As Possible

  • 6:46 am, BG: 131, Walk with Miles
  • 8:06 am, BG: 103, Start Workout
    • 10 mins AMRAP
      • 5 TRX T & Y raises
      • 10 Tricep push ups
      • 15 Resistance band low rows
  • 8:25 am, BG: 122, 1.0 U Correction & Pre-bolus
    • 10 mins AMRAP
      • 100 Jumping jacks
      • 20 Jump lunges
      • 100 Toe taps on step
    • 5 mins Abs (slow movements)
      • 1 min Bicycle crunches
      • 1 min Stir the pot
      • 1 min Spiderman planks
      • 1 min Half crunch flutter kicks
      • 1 min Half crunch scissor kicks
    • Farmer Carry Progression (do not drop weights for entire set)
      • Overhead hold to fail
      • Front hold to fail
      • Standard carry to fail
  • 8:55 am, BG: 132, End Workout
  • 9:25 am, BG: 98, 30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning, was a bit unusual. Marty and I didn’t have a specific workout planned ahead of time so we took Miles for a quick walk then sat down for a cup of coffee to plan our workout. We landed on a few blocks of AMRAP and finished it with a progressive farmer’s carry*. I also took a few swings at the punching bag (that we still need a stand for) just for fun**. Quick, tough, to-the point and on with our day. We’ve got some big life changes in the very near future that have been taking up a significant amount of time (hence the fewer daily workout posts). More details on that situation in a future post!

My BG management strategy this morning was “watch and adjust”. The walk with Miles knocked the dawn phenomenon back into place. Then it started to spike as I started my work out. This could have been due to continued effect of the dawn phenomenon, coffee, the slight drop in basal that automode gave me after our walk or this intensity of the work out (or all of the above!). Since it was a short workout and I was planning on eating soon after, I gave myself a pretty significant correction to try to stay close to my ideal 70-120 target range. My timing ended up being a super close call since I hit 70 (lower end of normal) before my breakfast carbs/protein (9g carb, 31g protein) started kicking in. Overall, it was a good morning and I’m off to conquer the day. Happy Saturday Everyone!

*Totally stole this idea from Ben Greenfield for anyone that follows him. He is a bit out there (okay he is really out there) but he has some interesting thoughts on health and fitness for those who like to go down the rabbit hole.

**Punching the bag is my new way of combating a high BG. It gets my heart racing and helps with the anger that sometimes comes over me when my BGs go high. So much fun!

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