Legs + Back + Abs

  • 6:31 am, BG: 126, Start strength
    • Warm up
      • 0.5 mile run
      • 50 jumping jacks
      • 0.5 mile run
    • Block 1: all exercises 3 x through
      • 1 min Sandbag back squat
      • 1 min Sumo Squat to high raise w/ kettlebell
      • 30 secs Jump lunges
    • Block 2: all exercises 3 x through
      • 1 min Seated row w/ resistance band
      • 1 min TRX T & Y
      • 5 Pull ups
    • Block 3: all exercises 3 x through
      • 1 min Stir the pot
      • 1 min Reverse crunch
      • 1 min Palms to elbows
  • 7:20 am, BG: 118, End strength, Automode exit
  • 7:38 am, BG: 120, 1 U correction
  • 7:50 am, BG: 151, Start walk
  • 8:05 am, BG: 152, End Walk
  • 8:35 am, BG: 122, 30 mins post workout, Start automode

Today Marty made me a strength workout. It was a good one that I’m sure I’ll be feeling tomorrow! The workout itself was pretty uneventful and my BG management seemed to be going well without any food or adjustments. After the workout, I took it out of automode to get my basal going again and since I was still trending down, I didn’t make any corrections. I was planning a low carb/high protein breakfast so I didn’t want to bolus too early for that*.

At 7:38, I saw my BGs starting to trend up so I gave myself a unit to prevent a post workout spike and have a bit more insulin flowing for breakfast. Then, about 30 mins after my workout, BGs started to climb and fast! Since my insulin wouldn’t be kicking in until about 8:08 (30 mins after injection), I decided to take Miles for a quick walk to stop the spike in it’s tracks. Marty, the saint that he is, tagged along too. “When that BG number reads it’s time to put in the work, that means it’s time to work…NO EXCEPTIONS.” By the time we finished our walk, the insulin was kicking in and my numbers started to steadily come back to where I like them and I was ready for breakfast!

*Usually I pre-bolus for carbs but bolus for protein/fat while I eat or just after.

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