7/8/2020- Run

Easy 5k

Family Run Time

  • 6:08 am, BG: 141, Start run
  • 6:39 am, BG: 106, End run
    • 7:03 am, BG: 80, 1/2g carb
  • 7:09 am, BG: 78, 30 Minutes Post Workout

Marty was going into work a bit later than normal today so we decided to go for a family run this morning. It was foggy, humid and hot but still a lot of fun. With all of the extra stress and chaos from the moving process, we all needed this one*!

I didn’t do anything special to manage my blood sugar before the run since it was another quick one this morning. I carried some jelly belly jelly beans (1g carb each), just in case but didn’t use them on the run. Towards the end of the run and just after, I started to drop pretty quickly but my numbers were still in a good place so I waited a minute to see what it would do. Around 7:03 am, I saw I was still dropping (but more slowly) so I had 1 smartie candy (1/2g carb) to prevent a low and avoid a spike before breakfast. I generally try not to drop below 70 but spiking before even a low carb breakfast could send me sky high really fast. 78, I’m good with though! Time to pre-bolus and eat! Happy hump day all!

*Yes, the move has been stressful for Miles too! Most of his toys are packed, lots of strange people have been in and out of the house and he has an irrational fear of cardboard boxes (which are everywhere right now)!

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