7/13/2020- Run

Exploration 5k

New city/New route

  • 6:13am, BG: 137, 30 min temp target
  • 6:52 am, BG: 139, Start run
  • 7:24 am, BG: 114, End run
    • 7:30 am, BG: 99, 5g carb
  • 7:54 am, BG: 72, 30 Minutes Post Workout

We Moved!!!

So in case you missed the update, we moved from our home in the Philly suburbs to a new state! Our favorite place in the world, really! Getting to know a new town calls for some on-foot exploration. So today, I explored my new neighborhood with a quick morning 5k. Certainly wasn’t trying to break any speed records, just casually looking around and trying to get the vibe of our new neighborhood. I love it so far! It’s like we were built for the lake life!

Of course, just because things are new and exciting, it doesn’t mean I get a break from diabetes. My BGs have admittedly a bit wonky the past few days with the move. Whether it was the lack of sleep, the stress of driving a 26′ box truck for 4+ hours, moving and unpacking boxes or dealing with new unknown foods, it’s been challenging being out of my routine. After three days, I’m starting to adapt to the new routine and learning my new normal.

Of course with everything, my BGs didn’t act exactly the way I would have predicted on my run today. To be on the safe side, I set a temp target before my run. This way it would hit during my run and end before I started my run, since I wasn’t planning on going too far. During the run, I was fine but almost immediately after my run, I started dropping really quickly (see the 99 with 3 down arrows). Since I was dropping so fast and we were planning on taking Miles to the lake before breakfast, I had 5g of carbs* too make sure I wouldn’t go low. I also knew I would need a slight boost for playing with the boy and swimming in the lake**. Luckily, it worked out well! Without doing anything else, I had a nice steady line between 100-120 the entire time we were playing at the lake. I could get used to this! 🙂

*Jelly Belly jelly beans today! Yum! Definitely more carbs than I might normally have had in this situation but better safe than sorry.

**Miles is a Weimaraner, which is a German breed known for being high-energy, and great hunters and swimmers. Fun fact, Miles actually has webbed toes (so do all Weims)! Also, Miles HATES being wet… and is scared of choppy water. All of that being said, I’m determined to ‘break him’ until he loves the water. As a former competitive swimmer, I feel like it’s only right that my “swimming breed” pup ought to join me for swims in the lake (and enjoy them, of course)!

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