7/19/2020- Run

Exploration run

Part three

  • 6:01 am, BG: 120, Set temp target
  • 6:45 am, BG: 139, Start run
    • Mile 0.5, 2g carb
    • Mile 3.5, 2g carb
  • ~7:25 am, BG: 94, Lake break/meditation, 6g carb (15-20 mins or so)
    • Mile 6.5, 2g carb
  • 8:15 am, BG: 77, End run, 0.2 U correction, End temp target
  • 8:42 am, BG: 81, ~30 Minutes Post Workout

This morning I had planned a mid-distance run, so I set a temp target even though I anticipated I might get a dawn phenomenon spike. I had barely started my run when I noticed my BGs were already trending down. Since I was planning on 7-8 miles, I had 2 jelly beans, even though I was just a half a mile in. I was still trending down three miles later so I had a couple more jelly beans. Then at the turnaround I stopped for a bit to take in the view, meditate and check in on what automode had actually given me in terms of basal earlier in the morning. This way I could more accurately predict what might happen and manage more effectively. Turns out that from 5 am-6 am I got my full basal, then between 6 am-7 am, I still got a significant amount despite setting my temp target (see pick dots on my graph below). More insulin + more activity = more carbs to stay stable. Since I was only half way done, I had 6 more jelly beans to try to get me through the rest of my run. About a mile and a half from home, I was dropping faster than I would like, so I had 2 more jelly beans to prevent a post run low and waited until I was done running to end my temp target. It worked out pretty well and I only dropped to 73 at my lowest post-run. Success!

Today’s “exploration run” took me from our new home to the lake and back. Okay, so I might have known where I was going today as opposed to it being a true exploration run! It was a hot one and I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done, just under 8 miles total. When I got to the lake, I just knew I had to take a few minutes to sit by this huge willow tree and take in the view. It was so beautiful and peaceful! I know a lot of runners that get so stuck on hitting times or mileage that they forget it’s supposed to be fun too!

Enjoy the run, enjoy the moment!

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