7/25/2020- Run

Exploration run

Part three

  • 10:03 am, BG: 113, Start temp target
  • 10:23 am, BG: 112, Start run
    • 25g carb in small sips throughout
  • 12:20 am, BG: 86, End run, End temp target
    • 12:29 am, BG: 88, 0.5 U correction
    • 12:33 am, BG: 93, 0.5 U correction
    • 12:45 am, BG: 110, 1.1 U pre-bolus for “breakfast”
  • 12:54 am, BG: 114, ~30 Minutes Post Workout

So, in case you haven’t noticed, with the move and the new job, I’ve been slacking a bit. When you live in a place that people take their vacation, it’s easy to let that relaxed mindset creep in and takeover. There is certainly a benefit to balancing work and relaxation in life but you have to check the relaxation part periodically so you don’t get soft. Doing the “hard” things comes with it’s own benefits and rewards. While I would be lying if I said this was truly only my third exploration run, I certainly haven’t been pushing my limits recently.

Today, I decided to change that. I went out with a goal of 10 miles, minimum. Since I haven’t been race training, I’ve really been slacking on the long runs. Today was a true exploration run. I went out looking for a trail that one of my new local friends told me about. Unfortunately, I never found it. I did end up with just over ten miles looking for it though, so really not a bad day overall. I got a later start because we were waiting around for an “early” morning installation for our new place. As soon as we were set up, I went running out the door. It was hot and a bit hilly today and the late start only made the heat worse!

My BGs were actually fantastic on my run today. I set a temp target as soon as I knew about when I would be running and kept it for the entire run since I was hanging toward the lower end of where I like to be on a run towards the end. I put one scoop of Tailwind in one of my bottles and finished the whole thing (25g of carb) around mile 9. When I finished, I ended my temp target and watched. When my next BG was 88, I knew I was on the upswing and gave a correction. When the next one was 93, I gave another correction. Then I showered (since I was a sweaty mess) and at that point pre-bolused because I realized I hadn’t eaten anything except tailwind all morning. Marty and I had planned a trip to one of our favorite wineries this afternoon. A summer day like today calls for a chilled white wine and some carby snacks (crackers and cheese today) so I wanted to be ready!

Cheers to you diabuddies!

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