8/8/2020-Race Report

Race Report: So I didn’t run and technically, this wasn’t a race but I felt like it was significant to share the dirty details of my husband’s almost 60 mile run to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes. In short… We had a blast!!! In case you missed it, the background info can be foundContinue reading “8/8/2020-Race Report”

The “No Race, No Problem” Training Plan

Since our races have been postponed due to the pandemic, we had to come up with a new training plan. Personally, I struggle to get my workout in if I’m not working toward some type of goal. Unfortunately, my race was tentatively rescheduled for September which means my training block for that won’t start untilContinue reading “The “No Race, No Problem” Training Plan”


11:04 am,  BG: 117, Set temp target (reduced basal) 11:20 am,   BG: 105, ~6g carbs 11:40 am,   BG: 107, Start running 12:02 pm,   BG: 122, End temp target (reduced basal) 12:10 pm,   BG: 127, 0.3 U correction 12:20 pm,   BG: 128, Finish running, 0.3 U correction 12:30 pm,   BG:Continue reading “3/14/2020-Run/Walk”

3/6/2020-3/8/2020-Run Challenge

This weekend we ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. Yes, 48 miles total! This is why. Run report below 🙂 Leg #1 (miles 1-4) 3/6/2020 6:00 pm 5:45 pm,  BG: 79, Set temp target (reduced basal), 10g carbs 6:21 pm,   BG: 70, Start running, 6g carbs 7:02 pm,   BG: 62,Continue reading “3/6/2020-3/8/2020-Run Challenge”

Training Plan for 3/6/2020 – 3/8/2020

This weekend, Marty and I decided to challenge ourselves. We both follow David Goggins (he is incredible, check him out!) on Instagram and he posted this challenge. Basically, we will run 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours. In David’s words, “While it doesn’t sound too difficult, after a while it becomes quite annoying!Continue reading “Training Plan for 3/6/2020 – 3/8/2020”


4:30 am,  BG: 100, Set temp target (reduced basal) 5:07 am,   BG: 118, Start running 5:26 am,   BG: 130, Mile 2, End temp target (reduced basal) 5:45 am,   BG: 141, Finish running, 0.3 U correction 5:55 am, BG: 152, Finish walking 6:05 am, BG: 168, 1.6 U correction + pre-bolus for breakfastContinue reading “3/3/2020-Run”

2/28/2020-Run + Abs

4:00 am,  BG: 116, Set temp target (reduced basal) for 30 mins 4:30 am,  BG: 129, Start running 4:57 am,   BG: 89, Finish running 5:10 am,   BG: 87, Ab block 5:30 am,   BG: 85, Finish workout, 1g carb 6:00 am,   BG: 70, 30 Minutes Post Workout*** On today’s training plan wasContinue reading “2/28/2020-Run + Abs”


4:30 am,  BG: 121 5:10 am,   BG: 130, Start running, Set temp target (reduced basal) 5:45 am,   BG: 127, Finish running, End temp target (reduced basal) 6:00 am,   BG: 122, Finish workout 6:30 am,   BG: 134, 30 Minutes Post Workout* On today’s training plan was a 3 mile flat run andContinue reading “2/21/2020-Run”