6/9/2020-Diaversary Run

2:44 am, BG: 127, 0.5 U correction 3:14 am, BG: 132, Start 60 min temp target 4:38 am, BG: 120, Start 60 min temp target 5:14 am, BG: 126, Start run ~3g carbs @ mile 2 ~6g carbs @ mile 3 0.6 U correction @ mile 5 6:25 am, BG: 145, End run, 0.3 UContinue reading “6/9/2020-Diaversary Run”

Can Diabetes Make You Stronger?

Today is my 3 year diaversary! Exactly three years ago, I landed in the hospital in DKA and my world flipped upside down. To honor three years of surviving with this disease, I wanted to take a moment to consider how the experience has made me stronger. Can diabetes make you stronger? Before I wasContinue reading “Can Diabetes Make You Stronger?”