When you put your life out there, in public, often people reach out and ask questions. Here are some of the things I’ve been frequently asked, in case you might be wondering the same thing. Do you listen to anything while you run/workout? If I’m lifting, I usually listen to music (especially if I’m workingContinue reading “FAQs”

The Medtronic 670G System

When I was first diagnosed in 2017, the Medtronic 670G closed loop system was the only FDA approved closed loop system. It was the latest and greatest diabetes technology. It was so highly recommended that I of course chose this system over other options. After using it for a few years, I can honestly sayContinue reading “The Medtronic 670G System”

Working out with an insulin pump

This one is for my fellow pumpers! We’ve all experienced some of the challenges that come with using an insulin pump. Who hasn’t caught their tubing on a door handle or accidentally pulled out an infusion site? That being said, there is some debate as to whether we should even wear our pumps while workingContinue reading “Working out with an insulin pump”