8:30 am,   BG: 116, Set temp target (Lowered basal rate) 9:00 am,   BG: 140, Start running 9:50 am,   BG: 184, Finish running, Bolus 1.0 U 10:20 am, BG: 164,   30 Minutes Post Workout  (*no food/carbs consumed for this workout) On today’s training plan I had a rest/cross train day but myContinue reading “2/9/2020-Run”


6:45 am, BG: 112, 12g Carbs, Set temp target (Lower basal rate) 7:18 am, BG: 92, Start running 7:48 am, BG: 78 8:18 am, BG: 86 8:38 am, BG: 96, Finish running 9:08 am, BG: 117, 30 Minutes Post Workout  On today’s training plan I had an 8 mile easy run, the last “long” runContinue reading “2/8/2020-Run”

Training before & after T1-Part 2

After six months of waiting, in January 2018, they hooked me up with an insulin pump and CGM! I was so thrilled to be able to dose in tenths of a unit (I’m really sensitive to insulin) and have an idea of where my blood sugar is every five minutes or so. Now, as aContinue reading “Training before & after T1-Part 2”


4:45 am, BG: 168 5:08 am, BG: 154, Start running 5:38 am, BG: 155 6:00 am, BG: 147, Finish running 6:30 am, BG: 160, 30 Minutes Post Workout  On today’s training plan I had a 5 mile easy run. I felt a bit sluggish after my rest day yesterday and thought about cutting my run earlyContinue reading “2/7/2020-Run”


4:30 am BG: 150 5:05 am BG: 158 Start running 5:35 am BG: 114 Finish running 5:45 am BG: 88 Abs & Deadlift 3 slices banana (~5g carb) 6:15 am BG: 65 On today’s training plan I had a 3 mile easy run. Easy pace on the indoor track at the gym. My BG startedContinue reading “2/5/2020-Run”


4:08 am, BG: 208, Bolus 0.7 U  4:25 am, BG: 191, Start running 4:55 am, BG: 110, Finish running, Protein Coffee (10g carbs, 2g fat, 28g protein) Pump showing 0.5 U of active insulin (Insulin still in my system from morning correction. No additional bolus at this time). 5:30 am, BG: 80, 30 Minutes PostContinue reading “2/4/2020-Run”

Training before & after T1-Part 1

So if you read my post on my diagnosis story, then you already know I love to run. Being T1, training looks a little different than it used to. Before I was diagnosed, I used to just go out and run. I would spontaneously go for a morning run or lace up my shoes afterContinue reading “Training before & after T1-Part 1”

I Owe Everything to Him

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” Misty Copeland Most love a good “self-made man” kind of story but I have to tell you, I’m not sure those really exist and mine is a story of accomplishment through family supportContinue reading “I Owe Everything to Him”

My Diagnosis Story

June 9th, 2017 was the day when my life changed forever. Before then, I was full of energy, optimism and was going through life without a care in the world. I was work-a-holic, and working three jobs because I enjoyed pushing myself and the feeling that I was giving something back to the world. IContinue reading “My Diagnosis Story”